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Lovebirds symbolize strength and power. They live in cages in pairs. If one lovebird in the pair dies, the other lovebird will usually die soon after.

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Q: What do lovebirds symbolize?
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What do love birds symbolize?

Usually when someone calls two people lovebirds, they are referring to their relationship together. Definition of Lovebirds: "An openly affectionate couple."

When was The Lovebirds created?

The Lovebirds was created in 2007.

Why lovebirds are called lovebirds?

lovebirds are called lovebirds because in celtic mythology, Aengus the god of love was shown with for tiny birds flying around his head.

What has the author Georg A Radtke written?

Georg A. Radtke has written: 'Lovebirds' -- subject(s): Lovebirds 'Book of Lovebirds'

What are lovebirds called when they hatch?

Baby lovebirds are called chicks.

Lovebirds eggs are edible?

It is not advisable to eat lovebirds' eggs.

You and your partner may be lovebirds but what kind of birds are real lovebirds?


What is the duration of Singing Lovebirds?

The duration of Singing Lovebirds is 1.15 hours.

Do lovebirds urinate?

Lovebirds don't urinate, they only poop, they discharge liquids ans solids together. visit for more on Lovebirds

Can lovebirds and parakeets breed?

Lovebirds and parakeets are separate species and they can't interbreed.

When was Singing Lovebirds created?

Singing Lovebirds was created on 1939-12-14.

How will you know if the baby lovebirds is hungry?

If your baby lovebirds are hungry you will hear them chatter.

Do lovebirds have ears?

Yeah, most birds do, hidden under the feathers. Same for Lovebirds.

What coulor are lovebirds?

lovebirds are a very beautiful green with a beautiful pink peach colour

What is the Tagalog of lovebirds?

Tagalog translation of LOVEBIRDS: mga ibon ng pag-ibig

Can lovebirds speak like parrots or not?

Yes, some Lovebirds can talk. We had two female lovebirds and yes they could talk. Flutterbug sounded so cute when she talked.

Do lovebirds migrate?


What time of year do lovebirds breed?

i am just wanting to know what time of year that lovebirds breed?

How much are lovebirds?

It varies. Go on Hoobly Classified and search for lovebirds near you if you want one :)

Why are Lovebirds called Lovebirds?

because they are very affectionate, loyal birds who enjoy being petted

How do lovebirds see?

Lovebirds, like all birds, have acute vision. They can see things in colour.

Can female lovebirds lay eggs eventhough there is no male lovebirds?

Yes but they will not be fertilized and so will not hatch.

When do lovebirds lay eggs?

Sometimes lovebirds will not lay eggs. However, some lovebirds will lay multiple eggs in their lifetimes. There is no way to tell if a lovebird will lay eggs until you have observed her.

Why you call love birds only love birds?

lovebirds are called lovebirds because they are a symbol of love.

How many days to hatch a egg of a lovebirds?

a lovebirds egg hatch in maximum 20-24 days