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What do most 16-year-old boys think of younger girls?

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depends on the individual guy.. all of them dont think alike! The question is how much younger are you talking about? 15 14 13 12.....any younger its kinda taboo i am 17 and i like a girl who's 15 so i dont think theres any thing wroung with likeing girls a lill younger than u

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Do boys look for older or younger girls?

Boys look for younger girls.

Why do boys like younger girls?

Only older boys like younger girls. But. . .YOUNG boys lke older girls. . .trust me I know that because all the boys in my class in middle school like older girls cuz they think there hotter.

What do younger girls like about older boys?

they are more responsible then younger boys and they might have their licences so they can take u places. Becasue older guys know how to do things that younger boys don't and girls grow up fster then boys and that's why they want a older boy!

Will boys date girls younger than them?

not really, boys do not like little kids

Are younger girls reflexes faster than younger boys?

Usually. Girls develop before than boys in many ways, reflexes is one of the things they first develop So girls reflexes are better than boys until they are in high school.

Do boys like to kiss girls?

Older ones, moreso, younger boys not so much.

Are girls better than boys at swimming?

Statistically, at a younger age, girls are better than boys. Later in the teens, the boys become better. This changes for everybody.

Can girls get married at a younger age than boys?

No. Same age.

Did Hans Holbein the younger have children?

two boys and two girls

Is it okay for girls to date boys younger than them?

Yes. It perfectly fine for girls to date younger boys. And don't let anybody change your mind, if you love them, then that's a good enough reason.

Why do girls like girl and boys like boys?

i think boys like boys and girls like girls because they are crazy and not smart in the head

Who is better girls or boys and why?

Boys are a lot better because girls think boys can't do anything they can do.

Is Club Penguin for boys or girls?

i think boys

Is ther more girls than boys?

I think there is more boys than girls.

Why do older boys tend to like younger girls?

Girls mature faster physically and mentally, so an older boy and a younger girl are on the page. Some guys like younger girls because they can take advantage of them.

Do girls think differently than boys?

.Everyone thinks differently. Not just girls and boys but girls and girls and boys and boys. While girls would be thinking about how nice and considerate a guy is, the guy would be trying to look down her top- maybe. So yeah I guess girls do think differently to boys. ------------------------------------- guys have a general way of thinking that is very different from how girls think

Is it bad for boy to date girl younger than he is?

Absolutly not, boys date younger girls all the time.

Who has better sportsmanship boys or girls?

obviously boys, how many famous sporting girls can you think of compared to boys.

Why can girls change clothes in front of another girls even though boys cant?

I think boys think they can so they dont do it girls dont think they cant so they do it.

Is My Little Pony for boys and girls?

The toys are mostly ment for girls but I think that the show is perfect for boys and girls

Do girls like boys as much as boys like girls?

no because boys don't have the same thoughts as girls they don't think about us they think about games maybe once or twice a day they would think about us

Why do older girls flirt with younger boys?

That may not be the case, they just think you're a cute little kid, or they have nobody else to flirt with their age

What do boys think about?

girls think different than gurlz some boys depending on their personalty..... but most think about girls and kissing or protecting the women

What is the different thinking between boys and girls?

boys are erratic girls are logical. boys are impatient girls make sure they think things through. girls are better than boys. :D

Which is better- boys or girls?

i think boys are better- allthough the girls do do all of the work ;)

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