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== == wasup

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Q: What do most college boys say to each other?
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Why are most emo guys gay?

most of them are not gay, you probably got it mixed up for emo boys making out with each other. Emo boys kiss each other so they could find where there feelings are going to or they do that to get girls excited.

Do most boys and girls get along at school?

It depends on their age. Kindergarten boys and girls love to be with each other, but the time most of them are in high school, they're avoiding each other in fear that they might be called "boyfriends and girlfriends" or a "couple".

Are all altar boys gay?

No they are not. Their parents trained them to serve God by being altar boys.

What college teams have played each other the most times in history?

Lehigh University and Lafayette College, both in eastern Pennsylvania.

Can two 14 year old boys like each other?

Of course! Most people will except that you are gay. (=

What is the most expensive school in south Africa?

Hilton college for boys

Why do most boys always kiss a girl but say they didnt kiss each other?

Ego,Kissing is pretty intimate.Maybe they worry what other people say.

Do Gerbils fight when two boys are in the same cage?

not necessarily if they know each other most likely not. they will however "play fight" as in playing by fighting

Does Bullying Still Happen in College or University?

No, not usually. Most people lose their insecurity when they go off to college so they don't really have a reason to bully each other;) hope this helped

Disadvantages of co education?

most disadvantage is some girls and boys fall in love during study that would be major problem tp get sucsess and also the figting of boys with each other takes place for one girl

Why is do boys be overprotective over girls and call them sister when they arent related to each other?

maybe because they want to have a relationship with you..or they want to know you more and have some time with you. most of the boys are like that,.but u must know their moves

Do boys play games?

Almost everyone has played a game of any form. For boys playing video games, most do. However, their are several video games that can be very different to each other, from logic adventure to mindless shooting.

Why do 12 year old boys like girls?

It's just at the age where boys are very very very slowly starting to mature. Same with girls (but they are quicker). If they do like each other, it's most likely just a crush...

Why do boys fall in love with girls?

Some boys most boys fall in love with girls by thare looks, wait other boys like girls for thare smart and looks

What school did the characters from Lord of the Flies play as?

As most of the boys in Lord of the Flies were complete strangers to each other it is likely that they came from several different, unnamed, schools in England.

Is it bad for a boy to love another boy?

Of course its not bad. All boys do love other boys to some extant. What's a boys best mate or best friend? It's the boy that he likes the most, the one that he loves. When boys get drunk, they almost always start telling each other that they love each other. Same way boys get real upset and jealous when their best mate starts haning aroung (starts seeing) another boy. Just don't do it in an uncool way and keep it private. All boys figure out theres a strong love and bond there, just keep it in the strong straight boy way and its all cool.

What do Arabs do when they greet each other?

They have hand shake and most of kiss each other

How do children comunicate with each other?

Most children communicate with each other by talking.

How do you know that most the boys are strangers to each other before the crash?

At the start of the book Piggy asked Ralph what his name was so it was obvious they didn't know each other. Once Ralph had blown the conch and boys had started to arrive at the platform Piggy asked them for their names, evidence that they were strangers to him. When the choir, led by Jack, arrived Piggy made introductions, which indicated that the boys in the choir didn't know any of the other boys. At the end of the meeting when Ralph, Simon and Jack were heading off to climb the mountain Ralph told Piggy that his job was to collect names. If he'd known the other boys he'd have already known their names.

Is there more boys or girls in the world?

Should be equal

Do 8th grade girls like boys who are muscular?

Each girl is differnt. But most girls do

How much do astronomers get paid each year?

Most astronomers are college faculty or staff. Their salary varies considerably depending on how prestigious the college is, how prestigious they themselves are, how experienced they are, whether they have study grants or not, and a variety of other factors.

Was Marist Brother College an only boy school?

There are hundreds of Marist Colleges globally. Most of them are all boys schools.

Do boys like sporty or girly girls?

Most boys I know prefer sporty girls.But other than that its the guys opinion.

You like to compare your body with boys in the locker room?

This is something all men do, although most don't want to admit it. We are all curious about each other and how we compare. Don't worry about it.