What do otters eat and what eats otters?


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otters eat crustaceans and sharks eat otters

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River Otters eat them.

Raccoons eat mollusks. Otters eat mollusks. People eat mollusks.

The Western Long-Headed river shark eats Otters, Otters are mainly targeted torwards bears, and other cernivores

A Starfish eats Clams, Oysters, or anything too slow to escape. Crabs, Otters, and Seagulls eat Starfish.

Orcas (killer whales) eat sea otters.

No type of otter eat seaweed in any important amount. Otters are carnivores, meat eaters. They eat fish, shellfish and crustaceans.

Birds and sea otters, will eat sea stars.

Caimans, anacondas, otters, herons, and giant fish will eat piranhas.

No, people do not eat river otters... but they do eat the fosh that the otters eat :-).

It is impossible to prove that absolutely NOBODY eats otters, but in a majority of areas otters aren't used as food. It's actually illegal to even disturb them in nature preserves.

River otters do. But most otters eat small snakes.

Can sea otters eat humans? no

Sea Urchins eat kelp forests, but sea otters help the forest because they eat the sea urchins.

what kind of food do otters eat

The giant otter eats piranas. I learned on the animal plantet. The giant otter is also indangered!

Yes a killer whale eats fish such as cod and some times they eat sea otters

Many animals eat mandarin ducks. A few of them are otters, raccoons, minks and eagles. Snakes will also eat these ducks.

Yes Rivers Otters will eat beavers.

Large group of piranhas can hunt otters and eat them.

Giant Otters also eat them=]Bigger Fish? I need to know for a Science project.These are not good answers!!!!!!!!

Yes, orcas eat sea otters.

yes humans and otters eat oysters

the giant river otter eats mainly fish. but also eat crabs, caimans, snakes, frogs, bird eggs, and molluscs

Sea otters can eat more than 100 types of food. They eat mostly mollusks (small octopodes, mussels, and clams).

sharks,killers whales,

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