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The same thing as they do everywhere else. I'm not sure if this question is asking based on the idea that Kenya would be considered "third world," but in every part of the world people do similar things. Get up, go to work, come home, eat, sleep, etc. Many people in these places also eat food that we associate with Western culture, such as Hamburgers and fries.

Since this question is in the food section I will also mention some typical Kenyian foods include beans, cucumbers, maize, carrots, etc. As well as beef, chicken, fish, etc. Fruits depend on season, but include bananas and mangoes, apples, grapes, peaches, watermelons, etc.

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What are the people of Kenya and where do they live?

The people of Kenya are human's and live, like you said.... in "Kenya".

What are the people of Kenya called?

The people of Kenya are called Kenyans.

What do people have for jobs in Kenya?

People in Kenya are usually farmers

How many people are there per 1000 people in Kenya?

Every person in Kenya is a person, therefore there are 1000 people per 1000 people in Kenya.

Do people in Kenya have food?

Yes, of course people in Kenya have food.

How do Kenya people write their words?

Kenya people speak Burundi

Where do Kenya people live?

They live in Kenya!

Is Kenya a poor country?

Most people in Kenya are poor but there are ruffly 45% of people living in Kenya who are rich.

What do most people work as in Kenya?

Most people in kenya farm for a living.

Can the people in Kenya choose who will lead their government?

do people in kenya get to choose there goverments

Why do people visit Kenya?

people visit kenya becuase of all of the animals that kenya have .Kenya has over 7000 animals living in it so you betta look out if you ever end up going to kenya.

What do you do when in Kenya?

When in Kenya, some of the things that tourists do is go on a Kenya safari. Kenya national parks are the places where people go on a Kenya safari.

Why don't people go to Kenya?

People do go to Kenya. But tourism always takes a dive when there is political unrest, which Kenya has at the moment.

How many people drum in Kenya?

20,000,000,000 drum in Kenya and there is 2345,678 zebras in Kenya x

What is the type of art in Kenya?

What is the type of art Kenya people do?

How popular is Kenya?

about 20000 people live in kenya africa

How do people in Kenya make a living?

most people in Kenya farm but there are some other things

How do people adapt to and depend on the environment in Kenya?

People adapt to the land in Kenya by changing its habitat.

Why do people go to Kenya?

people go to Kenya to go to see the landscapeto enjoy the sports

How people live in the capital city of Kenya?

There is about 30,000 people live in Nairobi (capital of kenya)

What is the Population of Japan and Kenya?

The population of Japan is 127,704,000 people, and the population of Kenya is 38,765,312 people.

Why are people there in Kenya?

Kenyans, because they use the Kenya part and add the "ns" to make it people

What is the name of the people from Kenya?

The Kikuyu, Luhya, Luo, Kalenjin and Kamba are the main people of Kenya.

How do people in Kenya celebrate Halloween?

Halloween is not "celebrated" in Kenya. Kenya, mainly celebrates its political milestones.

What type of dunner do people in Kenya eat for their celebration?

people in kenya like to have turkey and roast beef