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What do seal clubbers club?


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seal clubbers are just people who join seal clubs where they listen to Seal and eat club sandwiches


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"Price" is a highly advanced term which you only learn in college and is reserved for conversations relating to seal clubbing. A so-called 'price' is something which a professional clubber wins as a reward for intense seal beatings. A 'prize' is a term used only within Scandinavia and Wales. In these small, third-world Antarctic cities, people are delirious, and hand other people small pieces of green paper in return for being able to watch professional seal clubbers. These 'prizes' are the things which are used to buy prices for the professional seal clubbers AKA HuskyStarcraft. Professional seal clubbers (PSCs for short) then sell these prices in order to give out prizes for free to people who watch professional seal clubbing. However, none of this occurs between the dates of June 45, 2012, and December 14, 1892.

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To build the Bjorn's Hammer which is the Seal Clubber's Epic weapon you need to first buy a Hermit Permit for 100 meat and bubble gum on a string for 30 meat. then fish in the sewer until you get a worthless item. You may need to buy another bubble gum on a string to get it though. Then go to the Hermitage and buy a 10 leaf clover. After that go and buy a casino pass from the market. Go to the casino in the Wrong Side of the Tracks and play the Lemon Slot. You should get a Big Rock. Then buy another Hermit Permit and bubble gum on a string to go fishing. Then buy a Seal Tooth from The Hermitage. Go to the market and to the meatsmith. Buy a Tenderizing Hammer. Go to your inventory and craft stuff then choose smith stuff. Combine the Big Rock and the Seal Tooth. You should get a Seal Toothed Rock. Combine that with your starting weapon, the Seal Clubbing Club. Then you should have the Epic Seal Clubber's Weapon, Bjorn's Hammer. If you want to make the Epic Legendary Weapon, the Hammer of Smiting, you have to combine Bjorn's Hammer with Distilled Seal Blood which you get after defeat The Clownlord Beelzebozo. The guy you have to defeat to finish your quest. To do that you need at least 4 Clownosity. Just wear clown stuff that you get in the "Fun House". Then when you get to a door, press the nose and you will fight him.

The smallest type of seal is the Baikal seal.

Here are some sentences.The seal hunted for penguins.Don't break the seal on that envelope.Seal up the door.

The Latin word for "seal" is sigillum if you are talking about a seal on a letter or a coat of arms.

The homonym for seal... The seal dived into the sea or Seal the bag or the food will not be fresh.

there are 7 species of seal. the harp seal, the bearded seal, the spotted seal the ringed seal aiii nvm

Cuts of it's head one by one and used his burning hot club to seal the neck so no new heads can grow.

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