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What do seal pups eat?


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Seal cubs (pups) eat fish. I'm not sure what type of fish but I know they eat mainly fish.

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Seal Pups are very funny, they eat like they are funny. They like to eat fish and cheesecake! and they like soup!

The enemy is most of the time the leopard seal. They are found to eat 80% of the crab-eater seal pups.

It depends if the seal is alive or not. If the seal is already dead then the arctic fox may eat part of it but if the seal is alive then the arctic fox is too small to kill the seal

Leopard Seals eat the Antarctic Fur Seals pups.

the monk seal pups weigh up to 610 lb

They are called "Seal pups".

Young seal are called pups.

The Arctic fox also on ringed seal pups when the young animals are confined to a snow den and are relatively helpless.

They eat mice, lemmings, arctic hares, reptiles, amphibians, eggs, and rotten flesh. In April and May, they eat ringed seal pups. They are eaten by bears and are a secondary consumer.

A bull seal and a cow seal have seal pups.

Diatoms are a type of single celled plankton. There are no seals that eat plankton. Seals eat fish, with the exception of a few types, such as the Crabeater, which eats krill, and the leopard seal, which eats penguins and seal pups.

They are known as pups

they are called...PUPS!!

harp seals like to swim in the cold Arctic ocean, they mainly just eat and sleep while they are seal pups, and their adult life is devoted to taking care of their pups.

I think it is a seal that has pups or a certain type of seal.also some people call baby puppies(dogs)pups.

To answer your question 80% of the seal pups don't survive the first 3 months. :(

A young elephant seal is called a weaner pups

All seal babies are called pups.

yes they do, everybody does

Seal pups are the main target for food because they are the weakest link. They are naive and weak because they are babies, which makes them easy prey.

I believe they are called pups

We call baby seals pups.

When they've finished growing inside them

Newborn seals are called pups.

A harp seal can only have 1 pup and 1 pup only

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