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They like to go to dance clubs,movies,6 flags, workout just normal human stuff

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they like to eat, sleep, swim and play

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Q: What do sharks do for fun?
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What do Dolphins like to do for fun?

eat sharks

What do baby horn sharks do for fun?

swim =)

Why do Greenland sharks migrates?

They migrate for fun and to reproduce.

What do great white sharks do for fun?

i guess they kill their preys..

Why are humans killing sharks?

mostly for food in china but others do it for fun

Are bull sharks dangerous to kayak with?

Kayaking is fun, some people say, but not for people without arms. As bull sharks have fins and not arms, they are unlikely to ever kayak. Therefore, kayaking with bull sharks is not feasible.

How do you use school of shark in a sentence?

Well you can i will show you some. There was a school of sharks swimming in the sea. There's a school of sharks swimming in the sea and having fun.

Do sharks and whales eat elephant seals?

Yes, sharks and killer wales eat seals. Fun fact #1: sharks ONLY eat seals when they can't find their usual prey and whales eat them as their dinner.

Are polar bears the only other animal part from man that kills for fun?

no.sharks are also killed for fun.60,000 sharks are killed each year.

What do people do for fun in the river Niger?

they go skinny dipping with the sharks. Thank you for the excellent question, hope this helps.

Should you play with a shark?

Yes, it's very fun to play with sharks. you will play a game called " chase me shark"

Can you name 8 types of sharks?

megalodon sharks, great white sharks, frilled sharks, thresher sharks, tiger sharks, sand tiger sharks, lemon sharks, bull sharks, whale sharks, basking sharks, lepord sharks,black tip sharks. there is 12.

How are sharks threatend?

Sharks are threatened by humans. Humans catch them for fun, or to cut off their fins and sell them. Sometimes they just get caught in nets. People just kill them because they think that sharks kill loads of people which isn't true. There are some people who want to help sharks though. When people catch sharks for theirr fins the usally chop them off and put the shark back in the water so it can be eaten by others.

What is the name of animal that cannot move backwards?

Sharks, I know, are one of them. This is a fun topic to do some more research on! Good luck.

How many teeh do sharks have?

It's always different, but most sharks usually have hundreds of either tiny or huge teeth. *Fun Fact* Did you know sharks have rows of teeth, so when they loose one, another one moves back in it's place, usually bigger than the old one!

What sharks are there in Curacao?

Nurse Sharks, Lemon sharks and Hammerhead Sharks

Do sharks attack humans for fun?

Well, no. Sharks attack only if you're bothering the shark itself. If you're nearby a shark, don't run. It'll chase you for sure if you run. If you're calm, then it won't chase you. So, no, shraks don't attack humans for fun. That would be stupid if that happened. (answered: 3/6/09)

What is the collective noun for sharks?

Collective nouns for sharks are:a school of sharksa shiver of sharksa shoal of sharks

What has the author Tina Anton written?

Tina Anton has written: 'Sharks, Sharks, Sharks' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, Sharks 'Sharks, Sharks, Sharks (Real Reading)'

Do sharks eat starfish?

There are three species of sharks known to eat starfish. These sharks are the Nurse sharks, Horn sharks and Port Jackson sharks.

What sharks are in the Atlantic Ocean?

The Atlantic includes Hammerhead sharks, Great White sharks, bull sharks, and tiger sharks.

Why do sharks have eyelids?

Sharks have eyelids so female sharks can wink at male sharks.

What sharks have a urinary tract?

Mako sharks, thresher sharks and Great white sharks

What are baby sharks?

baby sharks are called pupsbaby sharks are baby sharks

Are all sharks bigger than orcas?

no! orcas are larger than most sharks some sharks are bigger like great white sharks,basking sharks,whale sharks and megamouth sharks