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low on gas maybe

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Q: What do the different chime sounds mean on a 1993 Pontiac Bonneville?
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What is chime in Japanese?

チャイム chaimu It sounds like chime in english.

What bird sounds like a doorbell chime?


How do you disable seatbelt chime on a 2008 Pontiac vibe?

By wearing your seat belt.

What causes Ignition chime sounds without key in ignition?

Head lights on?

How do you play a song on a wind chime?

A wind chime plays by blowing in the wind causing the wind to play the song or really sounds of the wind chimes. Some wind chimes are made for certain notes to sound when struck and if you had enough different chimes you could play a song by striking the notes to make the sounds and create a song.

To install an aftermark radio into a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am do you need a chime installer?

No But you will lose your Chimes "not needed anyway"

Are steam trains relaterd to trumpets?

No. it just sounds the same pertaining to what type of chime whistle they have.

Why is the Chrysler PT Cruiser engine light on followed by one chime?

The engine light on followed by one chime in a PT Cruiser is a notice to the driver that something is wrong in the engine. The chime sounds only to make sure the driver notices the engine light.

What part of a wind chime vibrates?

Most of the vibration, and the sound that is a result of that vibration, is in the tubes of the chime. When they hit each other it causes a vibration at a certain frequency which causes a note to issue from the chime. I've linked a wind chime guide that shows the different parts of a chime, part #5 is where the vibration occurs.

What type of metal would make a good wind chime?

Many metals are used to make wind chimes, and each creates a unique and different sound. Some common metals found in wind chimes are brass, aluminum and steel. However, like I said, there are several more, and a wind chime can be made out of almost anything-- what you make it with determines what unique sounds you'll hear when the chime plays.

What to say to a Jewish person on Passover?

Good Pesach. (The ch sounds like the ch in the middle of "School," not like the ch in "Chime.")

Why is a Ford expedition beeping 5 times while being driving?

Could it be any of these; Safety belt warning chimeChimes to remind you to fasten your safety belts. For information on the safety belt warning chime, refer to the Seatingand safety restraints chapter. Supplemental restraint system (SRS) warning chime For information on the SRS warning chime, refer to the Seating and safety restraintschapter. Key-in-ignition warning chime Sounds when the key is left in the ignition in the OFF/LOCK or ACC position and the driver's door is opened. Headlamps on warning chime Sounds when the headlamps or parking lamps are on, the ignition is off (and the key is not in the ignition) and the driver's door is opened.

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