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If it is loosing coolant then you have a leak. Could be the reservoir itself is leaking. Cold also be a leaking water pump, or a blown head gasket. Have this looked at immediately as a blown head gasket will cause serious engine damage. You need to find this leak.

Answerif this helps, when antifreeze/coolant leaks in to the engine 99% of the time the vehicle will blow white smoke out the tail pipe.also if your oil changes to a milky white substance you have antifreeze/coolant leaking into the engine.the previous answer has the right sugestions,have it checked.
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Q: What do we heard in valve leaks?
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Will PVC valve failure cause oil leaks?

No, it will not cause oil leaks.

What is valve cover gasket?

Gasket that goes between head and valve cover to prevent leaks

What is the bulk valve on 03 Dodge Ram?

As a Dodge mechanic, I have never heard of a bulk valve.As a Dodge mechanic, I have never heard of a bulk valve.

What happens if a valve in your heart leaks?

You have an audible heart murmur

Which valve is heard in the apical heartbeat?

The mitral, or bicuspid valve

When do you change the valve cover gasket on a 2003 Toyota Camry?

When it leaks.

How do you tell if your valve stem is leaking?

Put water in it and if it leaks ..... its leaking. A DUUUUUHHHHHHHHH!

How do heart attacks affect the mitral valve?

Heart attacks that damage the structures that support the mitral valve are a common cause of mitral valve insufficiency. Myxomatous degeneration can cause a "floppy" mitral valve that leaks.

Antifreeze leaks along the valve covers?

Could be the intake manifold gaskets are leaking.

When should you replace the valve covers?

Only when work has been done or when any leaks appear

The sound created when blood leaks back through an incompletely closed valve is called what?


The sound created when blood leaks back through an incompletely closed valve is called a?


What valve sound heard at base of the heart?


Is there a spray sealant for air intake leaks?

Not that I've heard of. Replacing the gaskets and inspecting the manifold for warping or cracks is the best way to stop intake vacuum leaks.

Mitral valve prolapse is a disorder of the heart in which the mitral valve?

The valve becomes thickened and doesn't work correctly. I have heard it called floppy valve. It doesn't close tightly as it should and it can be "leaky". Some blood flows backwards. This can be heard as a "murmur". It also can be seen on an ultra-sound.

Can you replace a price pfister tub faucet with anything other than another Price Pfister I have heard the valve assemblies aren't compatible with other faucet brands?

It is best top replace the tub facet with the valve that are compatible to avoid leaks or the parts not fitting properly. Home Depot or Lowes should have the parts available.

How important to change PCV valve Nissan pickup 1994?

It is very important to change PCV valve. If valve is old it will plug or seize. This will cause oil pressure to rise and may cause leaks. Most likely the valve cover gaskets will leak if PCV valve is plugged.

Where is the shradder valve on a 1995 Dodge Caravan?

I have heard the shradder valve is the tire valve stem ( internal valve ) that keeps air in the tire or else you will have a flat.This valve has many applications including air tanks

Why the shower head still leaks when turn off the water?

The valve in the shower control needs to be renewed.

Gas leaks out of hose under carburetor on ATV 2006 suzuki?

float valve or float are bad

When would a murmur be heard in the valve?

In case of stenosis and insufficiency

Why is oil getting in antifreeze of your 87 b2000 causing thermostat to stickand engine overheat?

Oil/antifreeze mix is usually caused by head gasket leaks or valve cover gasket leaks.

What is a leaking aortic valve?

A leaking aortic valve means that when your hears pumps blood through the valve, that the valve does not close of properly when it should. This causes your heart to have to work harder because some of the blood it pumps leaks back into the heart and needs to be pumped out again.

Where on the animal's body is each heart valve heard best?

Each heart valve is heard best on the left side on the animal's body. This is why humans used to believe the heart was located on the left side.

How do you stop leaks in delta bathtub faucets?

You have to disassemble the valve and replace the springs and cup seals, and maybe the ball.

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