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Your Mexican passport.

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Q: What do you as a Mexican citizen need to fly into Mexico?
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Do you need a passport to fly to zacatecas from tijuana?

If you are not a Mexican citizen, yes you do.

Does a us citizen need a passport to fly within Mexico?

yes. you MUST.

How would you get to Cuba?

You need to fly there. There are no boats that go to Cuba. If you are a US citizen you need to fly over the Bahamas, Mexico or Canada to get in.

Can a Mexican without a Passport fly to Mexico with just a birth certificate or a Mexican drivers lic?

can a mexican without a passport fly to mexico with just a birth certificate?

What does a us citizen need to fly within Mexico?

You only need a passport; nevertheless, most airlines will not ask you for such document.

Can a US citizen fly to Mexico on the day his passport expires?

You can fly to Mexico, but, you won't be able to fly back to the US.

Is a passport needed to Mexico if you're a Canadian citizen but travelling from the US?

Yes, even if you fly directly from Canada into Mexico you need a passport.

Does a us citizen need a passport to vacation in Mexico?

If entering Mexico trough land, no you don't need it and only an ID or birth certificate will do. On the other hand, if you fly into Mexico, you must have a passport.

Do you need a passport to fly into Cozumel Mexico from the United States?

Yes, you need a passport to go from the U.S. to Mexico because Mexico is not part of the U.S. If you were going to a U.S. territory and you were a U.S. citizen, you would not need a passport.

What do you need to fly to Mexico?

If coming from the US, Canada, Europe or Japan, all you need is you passport. Otherwise, you will also need a visa issued by the Mexican government.

If in Mexico as us citizen can you fly to another city in Mexico?

Of course you can. Mexico does not have movement restrictions of any kind.

Can you fly in the US with a Mexican passport?

Within? Yes. From outside? You also need a visa, issued by the US government on the US Embassy in Mexico.

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