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It's called cheating and I can come up with serveral names, but can't type it on the board. My first husband cheated on me and I managed to find several savory words for him, but it boils down to the fact they are spineless 'cheaters.'


Adulterer, from the word adultery which is the word for someone cheating on a spouse.

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What do you call someone who is disloyal or backstabbing?


What do you call a person who disloyal to his country?

A traitor

Who does ross call the most disloyal traitor in Macbeth?

The Thane of Cawdor

Can You get married to an imaginiary friend and call it a real marriage?

No you cannot get legally married to someone who does not exists.

What is the name of the person who cheated by someone?

If you are asking what you call a person who had sex with someone outside their marriage, if a man does it, he's an adulterer. If a woman does it she is called an adulteress.

Why do you not call camilla princess camilla?

She has not been granted that title. It does not come automatically upon marriage.

What do you call someone who has been sexual relation with a minor?

a paedophile

How to become a Marriage Counslor?

call the marriage place

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Who do you call when someone who has been deported is coming back and is a threat to you?

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they call their marriage's huppah

In genealogy terms what do you call a relative by marriage?

A relative is someone who shares a common ancestor with you. A relative by marriage is someone who does not share an ancestor with you but has married someone who does. In the most common instances of this relationship, the words "in Law" are added to the description of the relative. For example, a Brother in law is someone who is married to your sister, or is the brother of your wife. The word being looked for is "Affine" Kinsman or Kinswoman

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Answer It can be a loved one. Sometimes if someone has been threatened they will be watched over, someone who is ill, children, someone in danger.

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depends how long its been call them if its important!

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What do you call the thing you sign when you get marred?

a marriage contract i guessAnswer:a marriage license

What do you call a relative by marriage?


What do you call a fear of marriage?


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If you call someone, you are the "caller".

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"YOU" dont, the debtor does. call the lender.

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