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What do you call those hats with cat ears on them?


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They are called Knitwits or a Catarina hat.

If your looking for the furry ones it is a Catarina hat.


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If you mean the little chunks that are out of their ears sometimes, those are from cat fights.

As in the movie or book...they call the cat, cat in the hat, because hes a cat wearing a hat, and you don't rarely see cats wearing hats.

yes you do have big ears tear drops and also cat ears

A scottish fold cat has ears that are folded downwards.

No. Ear color has nothing to do with the gender of a cat.

There isn't much to do if a cat has a cold nose and ears. That is a pretty normal thing for a cat. When a cats nose is warm and the ears are warm, that can indicate a fever.

Despite being dogs, they are generally regarded as being "cat girls."

It will probably have ear mites. Take your cat to the vet if your cat is constantly scratching its ears.

this sounds like a typical housecat, you can call it a tabby. The cat sounds beautiful!!

There are 5 stripes on the Cat In The Hat's Hat

There are 5 stripes on the cat in the hats hat.

The hats that you can unlock in Find Mii are as follows: Unlocked randomly: Mario's Cap Luigi's Cap Toad Hat Bowser Hat Red Pikmin Hat Blue Pikmin Hat Yellow Pikmin Hat Link's Cap Samus' Helmet Metroid Hat Kirby Hat Cat Ears Dog Ears Bunny Ears Unlocked after finishing Find Mii: Crown Unlocked after finishing Find Mii twice: Ultimate Helmet To get all hats, you must finish Find Mii twice.

Just the same as a cat would normally be. but just with no hair around his ears x

No, cats do not have three ears. Cats, and all other mammals have two ears.

The ears on a cat serve as a primary means of getting rid of body heat. Cats do not sweat, so their ears are often warm.

The cat ears was for Halloween in 2009, so the only way to get it is to customize someones. Sorry.

Cat curly ears is either dominant or recessive it depends on what if it was dominant for the parents or not.

Servals have long ears sort of.

who has cat ears and whiskers! leave and never come back or go to another place

you still call it a cat

Yes, turkeys do have ears and as I know of they have better hearing than human and cat.

it usually means that the cat is frightened, or upset

Yes , the cat is usually bitten upon the ears by mosquitoes .

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