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The relay is sticklng. Get a manual on your car from DISCOUNTAUTOREPAIRMANUALS.COM and get acquainted with your car. They are about $9 More than likely your temperature sensor switch on the radiator is stuck closed. It should be located on bottom of the radiator. Really easy to replace just make sure the engine is cold, then make sure your radiator cap is on tight. after that just screw the old one out and quickly put the new one in. Due to vacuum in the radiator you shouldn't have to much coolant come out in the process.

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โˆ™ 2005-04-01 16:38:06
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Q: What do you check if the electric cooling fan on an 89 Honda Prelude does not shut off and drains the battery?
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Why does the Cooling fan stay on for so long after you turn the car off?

The cooling fan is electric and the sensor reads that your car is hot. It stays on, even when the car is off so that it can cool your engine to acceptable temperatures. If it didn't, and the car remains too hot, it can warp parts and destroy your engine. If the fan runs for an exceptionally long time, and drains your battery giving you a no start or weak battery slow start condition, you may have a bad cooling fan relay.

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Well it maybe that the battery is to small for the truck or the alternator is bad

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What drains battery on a 2000 Chevrolet impala with a good alternator?

Dead cell in the battery requiring a replacement battery or some light is on that is draining the battery. Can also be a stuck relay.

Battery light comes on after truck is turned off drains battery 1985 NISSAN truck?

the diodes in the alternator have gone

Why does 1981 Corvette battery drains?

check to see if the glove box light is on.

Why would a 82 Honda vf750s battery not hold a charge?

Bad charging system, bad battery, short that drains battery... the list goes on. Without more specifics, it's hard to tell. Bad charging system, bad battery, short that drains battery... the list goes on. Without more specifics, it's hard to tell.

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Almost anything. On newer model vehicles, the engine's computer drains the battery constantly, as does the stereo. Short circuits can cause a drain. Any electrical system that is left on will drain the battery. Even a disconnected battery will lose charge over time and the older the battery, the faster it drains. Also a battery with a dead cell will discharge itself, usually overnight.

Have electrical short that drains battery on 1999 GMC Truck it has a 5.7 liter eng alternator and battery new what else can it be?


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I have heard the alternator does it,cold drains the battery too,if it's not started for awhile can kill it.

1991 volks cabriolet battery continuously drains?

you have an unknown drain on the battery. have an automotive electrical shop trace the problem. Depends on how battery is draining. If you charge it with jumpers or charging "device" and it drains quickly, like within a couple hours of use after a full charge, you may have an alternator problem. At the auto shop visit suggested above, have them check your alternator (it creates the energy that the battery energy generation, the battery then drains what you put in it with a jump or a charging device). Other problem may be bad battery, which can't hold a charge.

When I replaced my battery the fan started running even before I started the car.?

It is definitely caused by a problemtic cooling fan relay. When the bad relay shorts internally, it causes the fan to stay on at all times which drains the battery.

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96 Jeep grand Cherokee battery drains in about 2 days you have had the battery and alternator checked and they are fine?

Then something is on pulling power from the battery. Check all lights and relays.

Your peugeot 306 td wont start and drains the battery on turnover have tryed new battery it spins ok for a few secounds then goes flat?

The cells in your battery could be dying, instead of buying one, use someones to try it, if it drains that one it sounds as though your altanator is shot. Good luck.

How to charge a 110c ATV?

either plug it in to a charger or take off the alarm, it drains the battery

Why did a lighting symbol showing on your dash an now ma battery drains what could it be?

Defective alternator.

Antifreeze overflow on Nissan Pathfinder?

Why is Coolant overflowing from the cooling tank at times and drains down into the left rear well?

Your battery drains on your 1988 Chrysler Fifth Ave you were told it maybe the idle control sensor you had your battery and starter checked by your battery is still draining?

Have you had the alternator tested? It may not be regulating the energy to the battery, causing it to drain

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