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Why does the Cooling fan stay on for so long after you turn the car off?


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The cooling fan is electric and the sensor reads that your car is hot. It stays on, even when the car is off so that it can cool your engine to acceptable temperatures. If it didn't, and the car remains too hot, it can warp parts and destroy your engine.

If the fan runs for an exceptionally long time, and drains your battery giving you a no start or weak battery slow start condition, you may have a bad cooling fan relay.


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unless there is something wrong with your car, the cooling fans are activated when a sensor in the cooling system detects that the coolant is too hot and that is when the fans turn on to help bring airflow to the radiator or just to circulate hot air away from the engine. if the coolant is still hot when your car turns on, then the fan will stay on as well. Also, if the AC is in the on position both the fans will run.

It's your car cooling down.....

my car turn sigal wanted stay under i turn them on my car is a saturn 2001 ls

If the AC or Defroster is on, many vehicles will also turn on the cooling fan.

Most cooling fans will stay on for a minute or so after turning off the car in warm weather. If they stay on past a minute or so, then there is a problem.

get in the car when it is cold, turn on the ac, then check under the hood. the fan that is not spinning when the car is cold is the cooling fan

fuse, wiring.... how long do u let it run before turning it off??..I would look to the fan relay next. also the electric fan thermostat if the car has one

how long do batterys work for a car?

It sounds like your cooling is not working when you turn on the a/c system...........

It sounds like your cooling is not working when you turn on the a/c system...........

do the headlights come on automatically or manually, if manually turn off

The engine is cooling down. (or at least that's one reason for it)

If radiator cooling fan it turns on only when temperature sensor reaches temp needed to cool car, then when enough cooling takes place, it gets told by sensor to turn off.

So that the coolant can stay in liquid form and flow through the cooling system.

Because the momentum of your car is going straight and when you go left your car tries to stay in that straight direction.

when you turn the heat on it comes out of the motor compartment in to the car,, further cooling the engine. A good thing to know if your car is running hot: turn the inside heat on full blast to help cool it down some.

Brakes don't contribute in any way to cooling the car

It's thermostat controlled and has more to do with temp than whether or not car is on. For many this is normal.

Groceries can be left in the car for a while as long as there is nothing refrigerated or frozen. These items should not stay out of cool places for long.

Generally, after you drive your Honda Accord and turn it off, the cooling fan will activate. This may be the sound you are hearing. It is just the car's way of cooling off faster.

If there is no cooling system, the engin will overheat.

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