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No offence or n e thing but y would your crush be a stranger?! How do u even know him? Well maybe u should find out who his friends r and ask sum questions about him and if u r still intrested just go up 2 him 1 day and introduce your self

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โˆ™ 2006-03-25 21:25:11
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Q: What do you do after you get your crush to notice you?
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How do you know if a has a crush on you?

If a person has a crush on you, he/she will notice you. They can even ask for you number to stay in contact.

How do you get a boy to like you but he has a crush on someone else?

The short answer is you cant.Maybe he'll notice you eventually & get bored of his crush?

How do you get you crush to notice you?

That's easy, smile, be super nice to them help them if they need help and they will definitely notice you!

What do you do if you have a crush on some one and he does not knotees you?

Make him notice you and if he still doesn't notice you he obviously doesn't like you or he is shy.

How do you get your crush to notice you if he's not in your class and you barely have the chance to talk to him?

Walk down the hall and wave or smile. Then he or she will notice.

How can I get my crush to like me or even notice me?

start hanging out with him/her...........not so much that they'll notice unless u want them too

How do you know if Harry Styles has a crush on you?

He will keep looking at you and into your eyes so you will notice him

How do you get the guy you like to notice you when he has a crush on your friend?

act really friendly with them, and flirty.

What do you do if your afraid to talk to your crush?

The best way to get your crush to notice you is asking them quesions, and getting to know them. for instance, i asked my crush where he was going to college, and it turns out we want to go to the same college.

How do you notice a boy has a crush on you?

how you know when a boy has a crush on you is when a boy looks at you all the time. or text him and ask or call just be yourself about it when you ask

How do you make your crush notice you?

Be Naughty Always Get In Trouble To Let Her Notice You Orr....Theres Alot Of Stuff To Make Him Notice You Like.. Be The Smartest Girl In Class So He/Her Can Spot You

What should you do if your crush is far away?

look at them and when they notice, politely smile and look away

Does wearing your hair in new ways get a boy to notice you?

YES, really it does i did that and that and my crush liked me

Crush on teacher?

Its completely normal to have a crush on your teacher. I have a crush on my gym teacher and try to make him notice and talk to me a lot. But you should stick to people your age.

Should a tenth grader where makeup to get her crush to notice her?

no you should be yourself and get him to notice your character not your temporary good looks. btw im in tenth grade

Why doesn't my crush notice me when he's with his friends?

He is too busy trying to impress them rather than you :(

What does it mean if a girl is constantly touching her leg in front of you?

It means she has a crush on you and wants you to notice her thighs.

What do you do if your an ugly girl and you want your crush to notice you?

First I'm pretty sure your a beautiful girl. And too get your crush to notice you just hangout with him. Or find out what he likes. Like if he likes football invite him to a football game or just " occasionally" run into him at a game and start talking.

How do you make my crush like me back?

First of all, be yourself. If your crush doesn't like you for you, he's not worth liking. Second, find out what your crush is interested in. If he/she was interested in basketball, ask her/him about upcoming games or whatever. Be funny, and bring out the talents you know you have. Pretend you are his/her best friend, cheer them up when he/she is down, tell them jokes and stories. If you just be yourself, your crush will notice that. If you are a funny person, he/she will notice your humor. Nice, same. Just be yourself!

How do you get m crush to notice you?

By doing something really cool inf front of her or just by being yourself

How can you tell when a boy has a crush on you?

he'll keep looking at you and then he might ignore you for a bit to see if you'll notice him.

Could David Archuleta drive?

yes he can if you havent notice in his music video crush he is driving a car

You are really shy and not very popular so how can you get your crush to notice you?

It's a question I wanted to ask too. But it seems that the answer depends on your crush... If she/him is the kind of popular "jerk" she will never notice you, maybe even mock at your feelings. But if she is quite clever, you might just have a chance. Make yourself notice by being special, if you are shy it doesn't mean you are inferior to any1.

You've got a crush on this boy but never takes any notice of you?

same thing with me and you should try to stay in a place where he will notice you and start to like you by looking at you for a long time

How do you become friends with your crush you dont even know?

Find out what he/ she is interested in and talk about those things and make them notice you