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What do you do if a fuse burns out quickly on the fuse box of a 1991 Ford Explorer?


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2005-05-14 00:50:35
2005-05-14 00:50:35

IF YOUR BLOWING FUSES QUICKLY,IT COULD BE THE WRONG FUSE(15AMP INSTEAD OF 20 AMP,ETC...),OR A SHORT IN WHATEVER SYSTEM THE FUSE IS FOR. JUST BE SURE NOT TO PUT A HIGHER RATED FUSE IN TO TRY AND SOLVE THE PROBLEM (35A INSTEAD OF 20A,ETC...),INSTEAD OF BLOWING THE FUSE,YOU COULD FRY SOMETHING ALOT MORE EXPENSIVE. IT WOULD HELP QUITE A BIT TO KNOW WHAT FUSE WAS BURNING OUT(STEREO,LIGHTS,WIPERS,ETC...). Take your vehicle to an experienced auto electric shop, or yourlocal Ford dealer. Plaing with a blowing fuse can cause many more problems by adding larger fuses or ignoring the problem (I.E. electrical fire, vehicle malfunction, etc.)


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