What do you do if a girl says she fell in love with you and entered into a relationship quickly but then soon asked for space and just wants to date saying she still likes you but is confused?

It sounds like this girl is "in love with love." Some young women are dramatically romantic and when they land the guy, then they seem to lose the facination for that person. It's immaturity and hopefully she will grow out of it. There is nothing you did wrong. Don't waste your time on this and sit down with her and say, "I'm OK with the space you need because I sure could use it too, so you can date all you like, but I plan on doing so as well. I'm not too happy with the way things are going." I can guarantee you will see a different look on her face, but even though she may back-track once you've said that take a break from her and please ... do start dating other girls. Good luck Marcy ...wat if the girl has no plans to date other people...has always kinda been in long term relationships. she still shows affection but in the same way or as much. is there any possibilty that by dating her casually and by playing it cool, she can ever feel the same way as she did before? You know this young woman better than I do, and you could just play it cool and date her off and on, but I would also date other women. It's human nature if you have complete control over a romantic situation and keep that person dangling at your every whim, then they play the game and feel reassured that if all goes badly they can just bounce back to you. I want you to realize that you are hurting too and this is just not right. By dating other girls, this will force her to make up her mind one way or the other, and it may surprise you that you could meet another girl that appreciates you and the love bug will hit again. I think your idea is a good one ... play is slow and easy, but still date other girls. Good luck Marcy