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My experience has been the battery, when it gets cold the charge drops too low, you can have the battery checked at an autopart store usually it is a free check.

AnswerIf it cranks, the Battery is fine. As a basic gas engine understanding, the engine requires fuel, Spark and compression. Since this is only when it is cold, 99% chance you can elimate compression as a problem. Eliminating the other two are best left to a professional independent garage. Check the forecast and drop it off the night before, so they can test the car while the problem is present. Hopefully you used the correct plugs and gapped them right or you will have created a 2nd problem.
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Q: What do you do if on cold days a 1995 Chevy Cavaleir will not start it just cranks and you have already the replaced the spark plus?
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Why would the horn stop working for a 1995 Chevy cavaleir?

check the horn fuse

Why a 97 Chevy Tahoe not turning on only cranks?

do you mean it cranks, but will not start?

What is the spark plug gap for a 98 Chevy cavaleir Z24?

1998-2000 2.4L is 0.050

I replaced my starter alternator and fuel pump in a 1992 Chevy c1500 5.7l v8 now it cranks but it shakes and backfires can anyone tell me what is wrong with it?

Check the timing.

Window cranks on 2000 Chevy truck?


2002 Chevy Tahoe not turning on only cranks?

what year

55 Chevy it cranks over but won't start?

are you getting spark?

99 Chevy Tahoe cranks but won't start?

Maybe your fuel pump

1998 Chevy Malibu that cranks but won't start?

get a new fuel pump!

Why wont your 2.2 Chevy cavilier start but it cranks?

You are missing fuel or spark.

What could be wrong with a 1999 Chevy Suburban with constant hard start problems if you replaced battery fuel filter fuel pump but it still only cranks not starts?

try the distributor module . may not be getting fire.

Trouble shooting for a Chevy S-10?

why wont the gas get to the fuel injectors on my chevy s10 If the fuel filter has already been replaced, I would suspect the fuel pump is faulty.

85 Chevy C10 cranks but wont start theres power going into the distributor no power coming out you replaced the pickup coil ignition coil the soleniod still wont start?

replace module, rotor button and dist. cap

1993 Chevy suburban cranks but will not start getting fuel but no spark why not?

I would replace the ignetion module that is in the distributor.

What can it be if the reverse lights on a 2005 chevy cavalier 5 spd dont work bulbs already been replaced and fuses are good?

Defective reverse light switch.

When should the timing chain on a '98 Chevy Prism be replaced?

never needs to be replaced

Will a Chevy 350 crank fit in a Chevy 305 and what it make the engine with a stock bore ofcourse?

a Chevy 350 crank is a Chevy 305 crank. they have the same stroke, 3.48 inches, and are interchangable. swapping between the two cranks does not change the engines displacement

What car replaced the cavalier?

chevy cobalt

WHY 2002 hd 2500 Chevy 6.0l cranks but will not fire?

Test for fuel pressure, the fuel pump may be bad.

2002 Chevy V6 cranks but won't start without starting fluid?

Replace the engine coolant temp sensor.

How do you repair broken seat back on a 1997 Chevy silverado?

its not repairable, its a plastic arm, once it wears out or breaks, its new seat time, i replaced mine on my 97 already

What are common problems for a 1998 Chevy cavalier z24 misfiring already replaced plugs wires fuel filter and coil?

Been there before. The problem will be in one of the fuel injectors.

How can you fix the front windows on a 1987 Chevy Caprice and where can you find window cranks?

Not sure what your question is : What's wrong with the windows ??? You can get the cranks from the auto parts store in the HELP section (The Red Packages that say HELP but you need to get the clips also)

Are all Chevy 350 cranks the same?

Some cranks are cast, some are forged. Pre-1987 are two piece rear main seal. 1987 and up are one piece. Rod and main journal diameters are all the same.

When you replace a fuel pump on 1996 Chevy S-10 truck cranks but will still does not start?

You didn't find the problem yet.