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you went to a car dealership, didnt you? You DIDNT go to a casino. Did you sign a loan contract?? The B/K trustee and the manu. of the car will be looking for the car. Dont worry you wont have to pay TAXES on the gift of the car.

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Q: What do you do if the dealership went bankrupt without giving you a title or bill of sale?
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Can you trade in a car without a title to a dealership?

No. Every vehicle has to have a title , I believe after 1972. The vehicle cannot be transferred unless there is a clean title to it.

Can you tag a vehicle without a title?

I recently bought a vehicle about 6 months ago and the dealership didn't have the title! So I'm just wondering if I could register and tag it without a title!

How do you write a trade-in authorization letter to get your car title when you pay off your loan?

The dealership should have a trade-in authorization letter so you can get the car title when you pay off your loan. If not, you would just write that you are giving permission to get the title for a trade in.

You bought a van from a dealership they didn't have the title on the day of sale They later called and found it Was it legal to sell without having the title?

Nope, they should have applied for a lost title prior to the sale. And you never ever buy a vehicle without first doing a title check and leaving with the title and bill of sale.

What can you do if you purchased a used car from a legitimate dealership and they dont have the title and do not know where the title is; is it even legal for them to sell a car without a title?

No, that isn't legal. You should be able to get some kind of resolution from a state division of business regulation. Each state has a different organization that is responsible for that kind of complaint but a couple calls should put you in touch with the right agency. No legitimate car dealership would ever sell a car without a title. It is illegal for them to sell without a way for you to own the car. If you buy without a title, then you are wasting your money.

Can a car dealership get in trouble if they sell a car without a title?

Yes, in some states. Other states are a little more lenient as long as the dealership has cleared the title, and it's been applied for. All car dealerships have a DMV person that does nothing but clear titles.

Can you return a vehicle if the title is not provided after a month?

I had this happen. You won't get a title from the dealership or the bank until the car is fully paid for. If you have completely paid for it, go to the lender and wait for them to to produce it. Usually it comes to you pretty quickly. If you paid cash, find out if the DMV knows where the title is and ask the dealership to provide proof they have a copy of the transfer paperwork showing the DMV has processed the title. Without that, you could have a situation where the dealership has not paid the bank for the car and their bank still has the title. This would be a big problem, and in this situation you could file paperwork with the dealership licensing division, indicating a title fraud problem. I hope this isn't the case.

Are you safe from creditors if you buy the assets of someone in bankruptcy without knowing they are bankrupt?

No, you are not. When someone files bankruptcy the title to their property is held by the trustee in bankruptcy. The bankrupt cannot sell any property therefore, if they do, the title is not clear. You may lose the property to the creditors if someone tracks it down. You would then be out of the property and any money you paid for it.

What if the dealership you bought your car from went out of business and the finance company does not have the title your car is paid off how do you sell the car without the title?

You should be able to go to the DMV and get a duplicate. It takes about 5 days.

Can a dealership file repo on you if you didn't make a down payment?

If the dealership holds the title (Buy Here, Pay Here) then yes. If the bank you financed it with already has the title and you have your tags, then no. The dealership can, however, place a judgment on you for the amount of the down payment.

Does a car dealership have legal right to hold your title once you have completely paid that specific car off?

Whose NAME is the title in? Yours, or the dealership's? When you bought the vehicle, the auto dealership would supposedly transfer the title to you, but would also place a "lien" on the vehicle. IF THE TITLE IS IN YOUR NAME, simply tell the dealership to hand it over, and call the authorities if they refuse. IF THE TITLE IS NOT IN YOUR NAME, then you just may have a problem requiring the services of an attorney, assuming of course that you have fully paid for the vehicle.

When I sell the truck back to the car dealership where do I sign on the title?

as seller

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