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9 hours isn't all that long and there is no reason both of you couldn't take turns driving to see each other every weekend or every other weekend if you so choosed. If you are more than friends then 3 times a year just doesn't cut it. There are options such as you moving where he is or he could move where you are. It depends on how much you care about each other. If neither of you can come to this conclusion then I suggest you start dating others and let him know about this. Although people's lives can get busy there is no excuse you two can't see each other more often. Next time you are talking to him then ask him right out where your relationship is going. If you really love each other then not much stands in your way of seeing each other. Good luck Marcy

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โˆ™ 2005-11-28 19:11:09
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Q: What do you do if you and this guy are really good friends but the only thing holding you back from being together is the distance which is nine hours and you only see him about 3 times a year?
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