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He obviously doesn't want you or he may just be scared of the fact that it's really time to settle down. Maybe he wasn't ready for the BIG COMMITMENT when he thought he was. Maybe you should ask yourself if you want a man that is going to run and take the easiest way out whenever possible. If he doesn't want to be with you, then LET HIM GO. You will thank yourself later.

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Can you divorce your husband while being married?

Yes, in fact the only way you can divorce your husband is while you are married to him.

If your wife is pregnant before she marries you can you divorce her according to Islam?

In Islam, you can not marry a pregnant woman unless she gives birth, this is if she was married to another man, then got divorce or her husband died, this marriage is then illegal, and any act that is done as a result is considered a sin.But if this pregnancy was due to an affair with the person who married her later on, this is considered a sin, for committing adultery, but as long as she married that same person, both are then recommended to ask for forgiveness.As for divorce, a Muslim can divorce his wife, when he sees he can't continue that marriage, regardless to the reasons, but he is recommended not to divorce his wife during her days of menses, though that divorce is legal, but the husband is then committing a prohibited act that needs asking for forgiveness.The question does not clarify if the wife was pregnant of the same husband that she married or from someone else.However,if the wife was pregnant of the same husband that she married, then both are sinful for having intercourse sex without marriage (called in Arabic Zena).if the wife is pregnant from someone else who is not the husband, then there are two possibilities:either the husband knew that she is pregnant from someone else, then the marriage is illegal and is not licit. The marriage should be after the woman giving birth, orthe husband does not know that she was pregnant then marriage happened with cheating and marriage built on cheating is again not licit and is illegal. Cheating is forbidden in Islam.In any case, divorce is allowed in Islam if both sides, husband and wife, feel that marriage continuation is no longer possible.

Can you get divorce in ga without husband?

no because divorce is only for the couple married

Can you get married if you are still married but cannot find a new husband?

You already have a husband and just because you want another husband unless you divorce your first husband (at least in Western Countries) then you would be a bigamist which is against the law. File for your divorce; get the divorce and you are free to find another husband.

How fast can you get married after a divorce?

it depends on you and your wife/husband

If you got married before your divorce was finalized are you legally married to the second husband?


Can child support affect your husband if you get married and have a baby?

Yes it will affect my husband if we divorce

Are you still married if your husband was deported 8 years ago?

Yes. No matter which of the two countries you were married in, you are married until one of you dies or you get a judgment of divorce signed by a judge. You can still divorce your husband, even if he lives in a foreign country. You can still divorce your husband, even if you cannot find him. You cannot legally remarry until you obtain a divorce.

What can a husband do legally if his wife is engaged to another man while married to him?

He can divorce his wife.He can divorce his wife.He can divorce his wife.He can divorce his wife.

If you marriage for 20 years and your husband abandoned you are you still considered married?

You are still married. ANSWER: Yes you are, and the only way you can be divorce from him is when you or him file for a divorce..

Is it illegal if you get pregnant but married and your husband is 19?

If you are legally married, there is no problem.

Will I have to divorce my present husband since my ex didn't actually sign the divorce papers?

Yes you will haveto declare that youare staying with your man, te moment you say husband then you can be arrested for getting married twice , before getting a legal divorce. By law you are married to your first husband.

In which year did married women get the right to divorce their husband in uk?

Married women were granted the right to divorce their husband in 1857 in the United Kingdom. The Women's rights movement began in 1872 in the United Kingdom.

What if your husband did not divorce his first wife before you married what do you have to do now?

If your husband is married to two wives, he is guilty of the crime of bigamy. You should tell him to get a divorce from his first wife immediately, otherwise you will have to complain to the police.

Did Christina Aguilera ever get married?

Yes, she was married. There has recently been lots of speculation in the cause of her divorce.

Is Marc Anthony married?

He was recently married to Jennifer Lopez , but as of 2 weeks ago they decided to get a divorce.

Is Sarah palin married now or divorce?

She has been married to her husband Todd since 1988.

When did LeBron James get a divorce?

He never got a divorce. He only recently got married. What you think is a divorce, was really just the break up he had with the Cavs.

Can you get married without a divorce?

You can if you are a widow or widower but you cant if your wife or husband is alive.

Does consider husband and wife legally married if they live together after the divorce?

No, they are divorced.

My husband did not divorce his first wife before we married what do I have to do now?

Because your husband did not divorce his first wife then you are not legally married. There is a Statute of Limitations in difference States and if you have been married for several years then most likely the marriage would be void. However, you need to sit down with your husband and tell him he because he did not get a legal divorce he needs to look into it and if he is does not then you are not staying with him the way things are.

How do you get a divorce if your husband is in jail?

It is always possible to sue for divorce, even if your husband is in jail. If he has turned out to be a criminal, and you didn't know that when you married him, you could certainly argue that he married you under false pretences. I believe that the court would be sympathetic.

Me and my husband got married in Virginia and we have resided in two different states for about 6 years now. How do you file for a divorce in Louisiana?

You file for divorce in Louisiana. It matter not where a couple was married - you are not required to file for divorce in the state where you were married. I was married in California and filed for divorce in Arizona and it posed absolutely no problems whatsoever.

Can you divorce your husband?

Yes. Divorce is legal in all 50 states. The only situation in which you could not legally divorce your husband is in the case of a married same-sex couple living in a state where same-sex marriage is not legal.

When your boyfriend got another girl pregnant?

If your married divorce him, if he is your boyfriend DUMP him.