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What do you do if you cannot get into your Gmail account?


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I would start a new gmail account and tell all my friends the new email adress.


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You cannot access Facebook account using Gmail. You have to use it using the Facebook site only. Gmail is just for confirming the account.

You cannot change the email account once created by Gmail. Gmail addresses are known for uniqueness. They cannot be changed later on as it will not be unique.

No, you cannot do that in Gmail. A Gmail account belongs to one person. It cannot be assigned to multiple people.

You directly cannot convert Yahoo account to a Gmail one. It is because both of them use different domain names. You cannot use the domain of Gmail into the domain of Yahoo.

Gmail account has only one link to it. It cannot be linked to other profiles. A Gmail account is individual on it's own.

You have to create a new Gmail account in order to change it. The Gmail account already cannot be changed. You can export the contacts and the mails in new one.

You cannot delete meetme account from Gmail. You need to go to their website for that. Gmail only provides promotional mails.

You cannot add your logo to Gmail account. You can personalize by adding your theme. Adding icon or logo to Gmail is not possible.

You cannot get to Gmail account without password. A password is the key to the lock. It is the thing which secures a Google account.

You can delete your Gmail permanently. It cannot be brought back after it is deleted. It can be done in the Account tab.

You cannot open your Gmail account without Gmaildotcom. You have to go to this website to open it. On mobile phones, you can do it by Gmail app.

You cannot open a Gmail account for 11 year old. The regulation age is 13 years old. Below that, you cannot create an account.

You cannot create a Gmail account for children below 13 years. You cannot create even if you are a parent. Gmail accounts can only be created for 13+ aged children.

Deleting a Gmail account forever is permanent. It cannot be rolled back to regaining it. The deletion of account is the last tab in settings.

You cannot convert a hotmail account to Gmail. You need to create a new one to replace other. However you can import contacts from hot mail to Gmail.

No Gmail cannot be hacked by all software. Some of them can do it, while others can't. Hacking a Gmail account is not ethical and right.

Once your Gmail id is created, it cannot be changed. You have to create a new account for that. Your Gmail ID is unique at the time of creation.

You cannot guess any Gmail address. The addresses of gmail belong to the owner. They are like the lock on the account.

You cannot log into different account on same window. You need to go incognito for that. You can however do that on Gmail app.

Deleted Gmail account cannot be opened. Once deleted, it is lost forever. You have to create another one for that.

If you have deleted our account, you cannot recover it. The deletion of account is a permanent activity. It cannot be changed temporarily for the moment.

You can sign into your Gmail account easily on all devices. It is because Gmail servers are continuously working. You cannot login because of issues in network.

Gmail account can be reached to Yahoo mail too. Gmail allows mails to be sent to Yahoo mail also. The messenger messages cannot be sent across servers.

You cannot get the gmail address of anyone by their name. The gmail addresses are unique for everyone. The serve the purpose of logging into the account.

No, you cannot recover Gmail using Facebook. You have to recover it via Gmail only. Both of these are different organisations.

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