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What do you do if you have a cracked exhaust manifold on a Mitsubishi Eclipse?



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Well the obvious comes to mind, replace it. Hit the junk yard to find one, the dealer is rediculously overpriced! There is no right way to repair a cracked manifold. Answer You can try a cheap fix....it doesn't always work but there is a product called JB Weld. It comes in 2 tubes, you mix together and it becomes hard. Now if it is a crack, I would take a small grinder and just lean up the area around the crack and then try the JB WELD. I have used it and it worked and I have used it and it hasn't worked. It's a couple of bucks you can throw at the problem. The above suggestions are fine but I always try a cheap way first. You never know. If the crack is too large, you may just want to go with the first answer. Good luck.