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What do you do if you like someone who liked you but now goes to a different school than you?

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Well, I'm sure you have some mutual friends. Find out where they hang out, and bump into them. If you are really bold, get their phone # and call them. I'm sure it's in an old yearbook or something.

2011-09-13 10:22:19
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I really like this girl but she has a boyfriend and goes to a different school what do you do?

find someone else you stinken loser.

What do you do when your girlfriend goes to a different school?

go to her school

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What do you do when you liked someone but found out they didn't like you so you didn't like them but then you find out they like you?

You go and talk and see where it goes from there! :)

What do you do if you like a girl who goes to a different school?

well, i know someone like that what you can do is if you know someone that your friends with someone that is friends witht that person maybe the three of you can hang out sometime, or you can throw a party and invite her, or maybe get her # or email adress.

What do you do if you go to a different school than the boy you think youre in love with and you dont even know if he likes you?

you should try to get his phone number, or make friends with someone that goes to his school and have them find out if he is likes you

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Should you love a girl that goes to a different high school than you but was in the same primary school?


What do you do when your boyfriend is younger than you and goes to a different school?

It depends, do you really like him? You shouldn't care about how old he is or what school he goes to, what matters most is do you like him.

What can you do if the girl you like is going to a different school?

Answer before she goes to a different school tell her how you feel and you can allways ask her what her number is ... or email her contact her..

How do find out whether a boy you like and have known all your life and who goes to a different school likes you without making it awkward?

Try seeing if he would like to hang out with you out of school. If he is willing to then he may be interested. Just take it slow and see where it goes. It is nice to be with someone you can enjoy the company with.

How can you have a girlfriend who goes to a different school and lives in a different city?

talk to her in facebook, any social websites

How do you get a guys attention if you just met him your really quiet and he goes to a different school district?

Go to a different school district and make out with him. That'll get his attention!!!

What should you do if your boyfriend goes to a different school?

my boyfriend in high school went to a different school and now we are married! so it doesn't really make a difference. Just spend time with him after school and on weekends.

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Is it safe to go out with a boy who goes to a different school than you?

OF course it is. if you like him and know enough about him then it doesn't matter what school you go to.

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What if the guy you like goes to a different school?

DONT go out with him you wont know if he is cheating or not sorry :(

How do you make a guy like you when he goes to a different school?

ask him out on face book! or change schools!

What to do when your best friend goes out with the boy you like?

That's a rough one. I wouldn't hold it against her. It is a whole different story though if you liked him before she started dating him, and if you told her that you like him. That is just not cool, and I would talk to her about it if that is the case. Don't get to worked up though, there is someone out there for you.

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How do you know if your boyfriend is cheating on you if he goes to a different school than you?

If you know any of his friends ask them if he is flirting with other girls at school, if he is dump him!!!

Is it possible to be in love with someone 6 years older?

yes it is possible but think about this if he is a senior (If your still in school) and you in middle school when he goes to collage you wont see him