What do you do if you replaced the alternator and still there is no power from it?

There are a couple of possiblities here, assuming the replacement alternator checks out ok. Most common, the main feed wire from the back of the alternator to the battery has a problem. In many vehicles there is a fuseable link where the wire attaches to the large starter bolt. (Again, this is not every vehicle.) This could be burned. An easy way to check for this is using a test light, one that you clip to ground then probe a wire to light it up. Ground it, then (carefully so you don't short out the tool) touch the large wire connection at the back of the alternator (with the engine off.) Many Fords use a second large connector on the side of the alternator; two large, same-colored wires are your feed wires. If it doesn't light up, that's your problem. Find the wire break. If this isn't the problem (98% of the time it is), there is the remote possibility that the switched feed wire to the regulator is not getting power. Basically, this tells the regulator that the vehicle is on and it's time to charge. Not a common problem though.