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Don't be foolish. Walk away.

2006-08-07 22:02:11
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Q: What do you do if you truly love your best guy friend but he still only loves his ex?
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What do you do if your boyfriends best friend loves you?

Then you choose the one that you truly love. If ou love the best friend then tell the boyfriend. Don't cheat. If you still like the boyfriend then tell the best friend in a nice way that you are not interested.

How do you tell if a man is truly in love with you?

If he treats you like a friend, he is interested If you're his best friend, he probably has a crush on you. If you're his best friend and he says he loves you, he means it.

How do you know if your best friend loves you back?

If your best friend admits that he loves you, he might actually love you. But you still risk that he might be trying to manipulate you.

Does your girlfriend like you if she says she loves her male best friend?

Your girlfriend still loves you. You're her boyfriend. When a girl says she loves her male best friend she means it in a family kind of way. As long as she still spends time with you and says she loves you, you have nothing to worry about

If a girl has a boyfriend but she loves her best friend who is her ex boyfriend still?

then she should leave her boyfriend and do something about the love she has for her best friend..

Your best friend hates your boyfriend what should you do?

get over it because she is still ur best friend and he is still ur boyfriend and he loves u but if she trys to break u up then she isn't a good friend

What does Beatrice decide to do when she hears that Benedick loves her?

Have Benedict prove his love for her by killing his best friend, Claudio (the line 'Kill Claudio'), which eventually he agrees to do for he truly loves Beatrice.

What do you do when the person you love loves your best friend?

if i love some one and that person loves my best best friend i Will talk to my best friend to leave him or i wont talk to my friend again

She keeps saying you are her best friend but does she really like you?

Have more confidence in yourself. If she is telling the world that you are her best friend then she must truly believe that you are and she wants everyone to know that she loves you and values you. You should be proud of yourself and listen to her when she says that you are her best friend.

You still love your ex boyfriend but he loves your best friend and he doesn't understand why you are still in love with him?

Think about why you broke up, was it because of you or him? Talk to him and ask him if he would ever consider going out with you again. If he says he is truly in love with your best friend, you tried and its time to move on. If he doesnt understand why you still loe im after that, then you really need to think deeply between yourselves.

Does soapy die in gun?

kyle loves Lauren niall loves tilly and anavi is my best friend and I'm anavi's best friend kyle is niall's best friend and Lauren is tilly's best friend

What if you dream about your best friend?

If you dream about a friend, or a best friend, then they truly are a good friend of yours.

Why does your ex get mad when you like her best friend?

because she is you ex girlfreind,she is jelouse,and if this has happened,she still loves you

What is life triangle?

a life triangle can be considered as ...when a guy loves a girl deadly.....but the girls best friend loves that guy madly ..and inspite that,,,,,,,, the girl whom the guy loves cannot tell the guy that she too loves him just because her best friend loves the guy........if anyone has the solution please give me the answer...i love my girl very much...and she to loves me too but still.................................

How do my best friend loves me?

You might know that your best friend loves you because he or she pays attention to you when you speak. When a person loves another person, they are often interested in what that person has to say.

What do you do when your crush is dating your best friend?

Talk to your friend, if they truly are your friend the two of you will figure it out

How can you tell if your male best friend loves you?

I don't know but I think its the actions that you can tell that your male best friend loves you! Well it depends to the situation!

Should you date your ex who you are still in love with and whom still loves you or date your best friend who you like and is more attentive to you?

Just trust your heart. :)

Are lola and jay together eastenders?

No, they are not. Lola loves or is attracted to Jay but he doesn't feel the same. He loves Abi still and he only thinks of Lola as a best friend.

What can you do when your best friend stoles the guy you love?

well if your best friend is truly your friend she would never do that. and if your boy friend was true he wouldn't do that

What if your boyfriend is telling your best friend he loves her what do you do?

He is obviously not "The One" for you. If he is telling your friend that he loves them he has already cheated on you. Time to move on.

What should you do if your best friend loves you but you do not love him?

Tell him/her.

Why did one of my best friend guys ask me to?

he loves you

Who loves Tinkerbell?

everyone loves her shes a hero. But Terrance loves her as a best friend he took care of her the most

What do you do if your best friends boyfriend said he loves you?

tell your best friend! immedelately!!!!!!