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What do you do if your 93 Pontiac Bonneville wont start after changing the ignition?


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2007-02-13 02:44:46
2007-02-13 02:44:46

Changed the ignition?? The key tumbler? The switch itself? The parts under the hood? IF the key, was the part in the column in good condition. Did the key assembly seat properly? If the switch itself, it is adjustable to a degree and may not be in the right place. Under the hood? Depends of what was changed.

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I have to jump start my Pontiac Bonneville 1988 everyday I drive it why is that.

show me where the starter relay is are on a 2000 Pontiac Bonneville

1992 Pontiac Bonneville it will turn over but will not strat.

low fuel presure. try priming it by turning ignition on and off several times.

You should check the wires that are in the steering column to the ignition lock cylinder. They tend to break easily.

GM started building the Pontiac Bonneville in the 1950s. It was the company's first top-line model, and served as a luxurious and high performance vehicle.

My 2001 Bonneville did the same thing needs a new alternator.

If its the kind with the special metal piece in the key there is no way to reset it you have to change the whole ignition switch

The 2000 Bonneville is generally NOT equiped with remote start. This feature may be added by the factory or any number of aftermarket remote starters are available for the 2000 bonnevlle.

See the answer to 2000 Bonneville Neutral Safety Switch Location. Had the same problem and that was my fix. You can install a separate Start Button in the Starter circuit to start the car also.

You need battery power, compression, spark and fuel to run, you are missing one of those.

Put the key in the ignition and turn it into the run position, but don't start the car. Leave the key in the ignition until the security light stops flashing. The car will start now.

No try the starter relays first you will find them in the front driver side


i would change the electrical part of your ignition switch- i would change the electrical part of your ignition switch-

There is a recall on '97 sunfires ignition switches. My car wouldn't start and after trying it several times smoke started coming from the ignition column. they will install a relay switch w/ your ignition switch to convert high voltage away from it. If it doesn't start and you continually try it or hold it back too long it will start to burn as mine did A Pontiac dealership fixed it for free but I had to fight them on the towing costs. I would do a search on the recall or call a Pontiac/GM dealership and they can tell you if it goes towards yours... you! Also check for other recalls such as the PCM recall.

If the key for the Pontiac has a security chip in it as well, simply wait about fifteen minutes without doing anything and then your car should start. If the key does not have a security chip you may have to remove the battery to reset the system.

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