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What do you do if your car ran out of gas and now it will not start?


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2011-09-13 10:23:30
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When you ran out of gas, you could have clogged your fuel filter with any dirt in bottom of your gas tank.

AnswerIf the car is fuel injected spray a little eather in the fuel injection system as you have someone turning it over. That's is what it took to get my car up and at em again.
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You probably destroyed the fuel pump, which happens a lot when you run a fuel-injected car out of gas.

Replace the fuel filter as it is more than likely clogged.

thanks for wasting peoples time who ever wrote the last answer gas in plugs changed

I've had the same problem with my car not starting after its ran out of gas. I've found that with my 01 Pontiac Grand Am that I have to have at least 4 gallons of gas in my car for it to start after its ran out of gas.

Ran out of gas in my suberban now won't start but can smell gas

If you ran out of gas in your 1995 Honda Civic and you have refueled but now the car will not start, you might have an issue with the starter. Sometimes when you crank the car over and over, you damage the starter. You might also have a clogged fuel filter or a damaged fuel pump.

Have you tried checking the fuel pump. i had a friend burn his out after he ran it empty.

probably because you need to put gas in it

Well, if your car ran out of gas, it is NOT going to run very good. Here's a hint..........PUT MORE GAS IN IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my car has no power when driving. plus its hard to start. after i ran it low on fuel

i have a Renault medan td i ran out of diesel and the battry was low now the car wont start only when its being bumped

Just once it ran out? The '94 buick roadmaster uses an in tank fuel pump, and uses your cars fuel as lubricant for the fuel pump. There is a possibility when you ran out of gas, the pump was starved of it's lubricant and went kaput.

My parents put gas in the car yesterday. Our car almost ran out of gas Friday.

If you already put gas on the car and still don't start you need to put a little gas on the gas filter. That make the car start right away. Is because it take a while fot the gas to go up went the car was totaly dry. Try it work...

Replace the fuel filter and use a starter fluid to start the engine.

You ran out of gas. At $4.00 a gallon, I can't blame you.

We need a little more info here. Did the car run out of gas before you refilled it and ran into the "won't start" problem? OR, does this happen every time you put fuel in the car? I'd guess that sometimes, the car might start? Can you help us out with details, please?! FriPilot It happens every time i put gas in it.

Turn switch on and off 5 or 6 times. This should build pressure in the fuel system... Now try to start the car...

First of all- the stupid question- have you put more gas in it? Secondly, I had a car run out of gas and then wouldn't start and it was because the fuel filter clogged, so no gas was making it to the engine. You may need to replace the fuel filter. Not sure if that is it or not, but the best guess I've got.

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