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Normally I would give advice and tell you to kick this guy to the curb, but this is a little different. Some people never fully go through a grieving process of losing their ex so it's unfinished business. They find someone else they love, but something keeps drawing them back to the ex. Sometimes it's just so they can find out what happened and why they broke up. 9 chances out of 10 if they could sway their ex into a relationship they were be bored with the ex and come sailing back to their present partner. Human nature creeps in because none of us like to admit that we aren't needed or wanted by certain people and especially by those we love. People simply make mistakes. Have a good talk with him and see where his head is coming from, and you'll know if he's telling the truth as far as wanting to come back to you and carryon with your relationship. If you decide to take him back, then be sure you let him know that you aren't going through this again and if you ever catch him sneaking off with his ex that will finish the relationship between you for good. Good luck Marcy

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Q: What do you do if your first love cheated on you with his ex after 6 months but he still loves you and tries his best to get you back and you still love him too?
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What do you do if your boyfriend cheated on you and he still loves you and you love him?


Does Jon Gosselin still loves Kate?

Wikianswerers opinion: No, that is why he left her. Jon says that he still loves Kate, but he doesn't That is why he cheated on her. He didn't love her anymore he says that they need space. NOPE Jon just cheated on Kate

Your girlfriend dumped you and cheated but she still loves you?

Not likely, or not much. Beware of being used.

Will your girlfriend take you back after you cheated?

This depends if she still loves you. And if you really hurt her, she will have a problem trusting you for a long time.

After 3.5 years of a good relation you find that your girlfriend was dating some one 3 months back and now she is not and she says that she still loves you so now should you carry on with relation?

NO, she has already cheated on you and that is not right at all.

What if he cheated with a man?

Unfortunately, doesn't change the fact he still cheated and you deserve better.

What should you do if you love a guy who has a girlfriend that he's cheated on but still loves and says that he loves you?

you don't trust him. the way you are saying about the guy it seems. he is a big cheater. how can a guy have 2 girls at same time. he is cheating at you.

Who is your first love?

well your first love is the first guy you could see yourself married to and you want to be with him every second of everyday. my first loves name was harley we still talk && we still love each other but im not sure wat else is guna happen Well my first love was a girl named raja for two and 1/2 years i was everything to her,, everything i did was for her,, i was crazy about her than she cheated on me with a lot of people and i realize only a couple people in the world are here to love the rest are just here to screw around,, hope you find one that loves if your one that loves..

What do you do when you have cheated on your boyfriend with an ex and he won't give you trust back but still says he loves you?

you will have to earn the trust back and it will always be harder for him because he wont know if you will do it again.

What do you do if your boyfriend tells you he cheated on you...but you still love him...and you don't want to break should you handle it?

Talk to him about it. Find out why he cheated and if it was an one time thing. Ask him if he still loves you and if he promises never to cheat again. Tell him that you still love him and don't want to break up. Seal your commitment by making beautiful love together.

My 45year old single boyfriend of 9 months cheated on me with a 21 year old girl. Im separated. He says he still loves me and is just having fun with her. They are seeing each other now will it last?

It will never end, I am a male so I should know

How do you know if you spouse is still in love with you if she hasent said said it in over 6 months?

The way you know if your spouse still loves you is by the way they act in front of you. Does he/she still treat you like the first time you started going out. Does he/she get mad when he/she sees you with another person, if so they still care about you.

If you were in a serious relationship and your boyfriend cheated on you and is now in prison are you still together?

No, you definitely should have someone that loves and cares for you... baisically he should have never cheated on you. Also, you don't want someone that gets in trouble with the law. Don't worry the perfect guy will come along.

How do you know your first loves still loves you?

You don't know. There's this thing called trust and sometimes in life you're gonna have to rely on it. so you'll never know if your first love loves you.. what if there is no trust with your first love?

What should you do if your ex cheated on you but said four months ago that he still wanted to be with you but he needed to get himself together first and you haven't heard from him since?

He sounds inconsiderate and full of crap, besides the fact that he cheated on you. You're only worth contacting when he needs sympathy or attention, so is it worthwhile to pay any notice to him? Keep him out of your life.

Is Lil Wayne still in love with his first baby's mom?

No. He loves her but he is not IN love with her.

How could you tell a girl loves you after you cheated on her?

Well I'm not sure what you mean because you either left a if or that you. So if you still love her,well sorry try to be friends till you get her trust back but otherwise she will still talk to you and flirt with you.

Your husband cheated 3 times and still wants to be with you and still loves you even more now?

he don't love you. love doesnt hurt, and love doesnt cheat...its all a game. 3 times?? that's not a mistake. the first one wasnt even a mistake because he knew exactly what he was doing!!! run away

Your boy friend wants to marry you and he proposed you said yes but later on you cheated on him should you still marry him?

That's up for him to decide. You let a man spend all that money on a ring & he proposed, but you STILL cheated? He loves you immensely & that's why you need to tell him. It's not fair that he spends all this money & makes the biggest decision of his life while you get to be reckless.

What do you do if your boyfriend still loves his ex?

if your boyfriend is still in love with his ex, move on and fast!, ive been there he cheated on me with her constantly, lied all the time who he was talking to. If he still loves her just tell him to make up his mind about what he wants and let him breathe he will realize what he had, and it was better than his ex. men are sleezy, and dont care about woman.! when are us unlucky girls going to get a special one who loves us for us and wont cheat or anything?!.

How do you know if your boyfriend still love you after he cheated n you forgive him?

You should have known that he didn't love you when you found out that he cheated on you.

Should you forgive an ex because they want to be with you and they still love you even though they cheated?

If they love you they would not have cheated.

My boyfriend cheated on me 2 months into the relationship but I cheated on him the first day we went out when I barely knew him should I break up with him or stay with him when I can't trust him?

If you cheated on him the first day,you need to come clean. Whether you "knew" him or not its still cheating and its still wrong. You were in the wrong first. That doesn't mean that he should have cheated on you but you did so first. So of course, if someone cheats on you,you would have to give it serious thought to stay with them after you find out. Just keep in mind though, that he may now have some serious trust issues, too. First of all, if you "cheated" on him the first day you went out, when you barely knew him, how can that even be considered cheating? On the other hand, if the two of you were in a committed relationship for two months when he cheated on you, then you have to decide if the relationship is worth working on or not. If so, then you need to be honest with him and tell him that you were with someone else on the same day you and he had your first date. Also, if you do decide the relationship is worth trying to save, you need to decide to forgive him, and then start from there. And keep in mind, he will have the right to make the same decision as far as the trust issue, as well. But if you both decide to try to make it work, then you are not wrong for doing so. A mistake is one thing, a way of life is another. If he made a mistake and is truly sorry, then that is not the same as him making cheating a way of life. Trust is a two-way issue; it has to be earned, but it also has to be respected.

Can you still have a relationship after one partner has cheated on the other?

You first must find out if the trust between the two of you is workable, and base your decision on that.

When a girl says to you she loves you and your hers but doesnt want a boyfriend she means?

she could mean different things but the most likely things are 1. she loves you, but doesn't want to be involved in a relationship at the moment (maybe she has had a boyfriend that has cheated on her and needs time to recover) 2. she wants to stay single and 'free' but still loves you (just wait for her... she will come)