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I think things must have been crumbling in your relationship long before you gave her the ring. It sounds like you were unsure of yourself and didn't want to get engaged in the past. She probably got tired of asking and then when she actually saw the ring she realized it was all over between the both of you. She also could be afraid to commit herself to marriage. Sometimes people think they want something and when they get it they are fearful or feel like they won't succeed in their endeavors. My nephew was going with an older woman with 2 daughters and he had 1 son from a former marriage. They were a great couple together and he was so in love with her. They came to visit my husband and I and we noticed they weren't getting along that well. They didn't seem to be connected in any way and weren't even listening to what the other one said. 2 months after that he gave her an engagement ring (she put it on) and 2 days later he saw her with one of her ex boyfriends. It broke his heart. She gave no explanation and she ended up marrying her ex boyfriend. The good side of this is, that he went through a lot of heartache, but, before the year was out he met a wonderful girl and they have a wonderful relationship now and will be married this summer, so hang in there! Good luck Marcy

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Q: What do you do if your girlfriend always wanted to get engaged but on the day you give her the ring she starts dating someone else?
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