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If your bones are big, there's only so much that can be done. If you are just overweight, though, you'll have to ask yourself how that happened. How much fresh fruit and vegetable to you eat, and how often do you vigorously exercise? Or, how much fried food do you eat, soda do you drink, and how much time to you spend sitting on your bottom? If you want to slim down, buy a bicycle, drink water, and change your life. If you can't dedicate yourself to that... learn to love the chubby knees. Answer Some exercise will help, but it's mostly the good old gene pool. I know, I have chubby knees! I have gotten rid of most of it through exercise, but still have those dimples in the middle.


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Yes. It gets your heart going while being low-impact and easy on knees and other joints.

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Sure you can. As long as you practice hard, you can do that! I know a lot of people who are a little chubby and do backhandsprings and back flips.

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It definitely can, but it does not always occur. Depending on how your knees are shaped, standing with your knees bent for just 10 minutes can sometimes make you faint. If your knees are shaped a certain way, then locking your knees pinches a major artery just slightly, stopping a small amount of blood to stay in your legs instead of going to your brain. The longer you stand like that, the less oxygen goes to you brain. First you will feel woozy, then you might feel very nauseous, and then you wake up on the ground, wondering what happened. Just recently during a choir performance I, not knowing any of this yet, stood with my knees locked the entire time, because it uses less muscle. I felt like I was going to throw up, saw colors, and then I woke up on the floor with three other choir members trying to help me up.

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You cant - the bowie knife replaces your standard knife and is useful for 1 knife kills upto round 11 but after only good for crawler killing. you can upgrade the ballistic knife from the box and it instant revives other downed players .

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