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If you aren't married and you feel you want to see where meeting your lost love will take you then just be honest with your resent boyfriend and even though it will hurt him it's better than cheating on him. Try to remember why you did lose your love and if he wasn't good to you or was arrogant and just left you flat then I'd consider keeping the guy you have. Old habits die hard!


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Key points in a relationship are: 1) Empathy 2) Action What comes in a relationship is the opportunity to look back on your life one day and know that you have made another person happy because you have lived.

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Every individual woman has different feelings about a breakup in a relationship. Some women may be happy the relationship has broken up, while others are heart-broken and some may wait a long while in hopes their significant other will come back into her life while other women who are heart-broken will move forward in their lives.

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No one can guilt trip you into going back into a relationship you do not want to go back into and it is you that has the control over your life. If you honestly do not love this person no matter how much they may blame you learn from the relationship, but don't stay in an unhappy relationship and move on in your life by breaking off for good.

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Be very wary when an ex reenters your life. The ex may realize they have made a mistake and may want to get back together again, but make them work for that privilege and prove to you they mean what they say. Some exes will come back and use the person they left as a crutch in between other relationships or, they may want to have more than one sexual relationship. Just take it slow and easy if you allow your ex back in your life and don't get back into a sexual relationship too quickly.

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