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I would tell him in order to love someone you have to trust them because in order for it to be true love one has to give heart and soul and how can one give love if that person is holding back something.

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What does a girl mean when she says We have history nothing will ever change that after you ask her if she still loves you?

When a girl tells you "We have history nothing with ever change that" it means she thinks you had a good relationship and still kinda cares about you. Although she doesnt want to continue on with what you had in the relationship.

What does it really mean when your spouse tells you that she loves you but she is not love with you?

it means that she cares about you and she loves you as a person, but to be in love is a way bigger step.

When a guy tells you he loves talking to you what does that mean?

it means he likes your company and he is enjoying your presence. its just like that., nothing more, nothing less..

What should a female employee do when her married boss tells her he loves her and expects her to do personal things for him?

Nothing he's married and a jerk if he is thinking about cheating. Nothing to have..

What does it mean when a guy tells you he loves you?

he loves you

What does it mean when a man tells you he loves who you are?

He loves you

What does it mean if someone dreams about you and they tell you they love you?

Dreams are about the dreamer. If someone tells you about a dream they had, and that they told you they loved you in the dream, that means nothing whatsoever. It that person loves you, that person needs to be honest, stop playing games about dreams, and tell you in real life.

What is the one thing Rue tells Katniss she loves most in the world?

Rue tells Katniss that she loves music.

When doe kisshu tell ichigo he loves her?

kisshu tells ichigo he loves her at the end of the manga he never tells her in the anime

How can you tell if your boyfriend likes or loves you?

If he tells you he loves you or by the way he acts

What are the chances of naruhina?

I don't think they are realy high.. Naruto loves hinata only as a friend and nothing more. People say that they are high because hinata tells Naruto that she likes him.. But I don't think his feeling are going to change.

How does a person get their boyfriend to prove he loves you?

He either tells you he loves you or by the way he treats you do you feel lovedmen and women show emotions in different ways a woman can verbalize and will make love to you

Why doesnt my boyfriend tell me he loves me but tells my best friend he loves me?

He doesn't tell you he loves you because: a.) He is actually a non verbal person and prefers to show it through gestures... b.) He likes your best friend and is trying to make the said person jealous. But I like "a" better. :)

What are the words to the song Jesus loves me anyway?

Jesus Loves me this I know For the Bible tells me so Little ones to him belong They are weak but He is strong Yes Jesus Loves Me Yes Jesus Loves Me Yes Jesus Loves Me The Bible tells me so.

How can you tell when someone loves you?

If the person goes out of their way for you and it doesn't benefit them in anyway this is a sign of love. If the person tells you he or she loves you and acts in accordance with what they say you can trust that they are telling the truth. A lot of people will say that they love you for their own benefit or to get what they want, but if you see that they are getting nothing out of telling you this and are showing not just saying that they love you. The main thing is actions speak louder than words.

What are the notes to Jesus loves you?

Jesus loves you, this I know. for the bible tells me so...

How do know if a guy loves me?

When he tells you he loves you and shows it. Don't believe them all...

Did booth tell bones that he loves her?

yes he tells her he loves her in the 100th episode

When a guy tells you he loves you during sex does he really mean it?

Depends if he loves you..??

If he tells you he loves you and even tells his ex girlfriend he loves you when she asks if he even likes you does he really mean that he loves you or is he lying?

Because a boy says he loves you doesnt always mean he loves you. That doesnt mean that he doesnt THINK he loves you and it could just be puppy love but if even tells his ex girlfiend that he does love you, then I wouldn't worry about anything. He's totally into you!

How to know she loves you or want to say you goodbye if She always talk to you about her problems and tells you she love other person?

I'm sorry to tell you this but if she says she loves the other person then that means she doesn't love you but might think of you as a best friend though

How do you know when someone does not like you?

You can tell by them ignoring you, looking at you stupidly, or tells you that he/she loves another person, it's really simple ~Naomi~

Is it weird if your girlfriend tells her guy friends that she loves them?

It shouldn't be if the guy loves her back.

What is the meaning of virtues?

A virtuous person is one who has the quality of doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong. A person who loves his neighbor is said to be virtuous person. A person who tells the truth, is friendly and happy is said to have virtuous qualities,

Is it weird if your brother tells you he loves you?

no, love between family members is nothing to be weird about. Not at all! I tell my older brother I love him everyday. He's great :)