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You get a NON fake attorney and sue the fake man.

AnswerFirt of all ther is a crime comp called NCIC That goes all over the country If your police refuse to render aid as a paid public servent you can go to your state police They have more honor anyways And you don't need a lawyer ,you do have D.A.'s in Texas don't you or did George Bush Cut there job's to AnswerMake copies of all your supporting evidence and send them by certified mail to the State Attorney General, Justice Division. Be prepared to testify and present as much evidence as possible to substantiate your claims, hopefully other scam victims. If your claim warrants a preliminary investigation will be done. If that shows clear proof a crime(s) have been committed, search warrants will be issued for the person's residence and place of business. Assuming enough corroborating evidence is obtained a grand jury will review the case. The outcome of that could be charges filed, the person arrested and prosecution commence, or the case will be dismissed for lack of merit. Aside from criminal prosecution you have a right, as has been noted to file a civil suit to recover losses. However, you should be absolutely certain of the charges or you might also experience repercussions, including criminal charges and civil litigation.
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If you loan your car and it is not returned is it stolen?

it is if you report it to the police as stolen

What is adjective of steal?

stolen. The police found the stolen car this morning.

How do you find stolen Dodge Dakota?

Police dept.Police dept.

Want to find out if the Smithwesson 22 pistel i bought was stolen?

Go to the police and have them run the sn. If it was reported stolen to the police it will be in the system

What do you do if your wallet is lost or stolen?

Go to the local police station and report it as stolen.

Can you get arrested for refusal to file a police report for something stolen?

No. But if you get your money stolen and you don't file a police report, you won't get your money back. If you get your car stolen and you don't file a police report, you won't get your car back. If you get your jewelry or furniture stolen and you don't file a police report, you won't get your jewelry or furniture back. If you get your car stolen and you don't file a police report, you won't get your car back. If you get your bike stolen and you don't file a police report, you won't get your bike back. The point is if you get something stolen and you don't file a police report, you won't get your stuff back. But they're not allowed to put you in jail for refusal to report a stolen car, bike, jewelry, money etc. You won't go to jail for refusal to report a stolen object, but whatever you got stolen, you won't get it back.

You want to know if a gun is stolen by the serial number?

Contact your local police department and give them the serial number. The Police can check on the stolen gun list maintained by the BATFE. If the gun is stolen, the Police will conficate the piece and begin investigation of how it was acquired.

How do you get back a stolen bike chain?

Well, if you get anything stolen from you, contact the police. If it is just a bike chain, I think you can just buy another one, unless it was a very valued bike chain.

What to do if your handgun is stolen?

File a report with the police.

Why is a stolen car impounded after being found?

Answer Stolen cars are impounded for a few reasons. One would be that the Police might want to check it for finger prints. Another reason that the car would be impounded is if it was stolen, and the police think it was stolen too easily, they might want to check for Insurance Fraud and last but not least, they might impound a car while trying to find the owner.

What are the release dates for Police Tech - 2008 Stolen Cars?

Police Tech - 2008 Stolen Cars was released on: USA: 17 January 2008

How do i see if a pistal is stolen?

Contact your local police

Who do you report stolen birth certificate to?

You can report it to the police.

How do you tell if a gun stolen?

Take it to your local police

What to do if your tax id is stolen?

go to the police and tell them

What if your car is about to be repossessed but it gets stolen who is then responsible?

YOU are responsible for the debt that is secured by the "stolen" car. Be sure to make a police report on the 'stolen" car.

How to check if gun serial number is stolen?

Contact your local police. If it was reported stolen, it should be in the system.

Is this gun stolen mpm7882?

You need to have the police investigate. there is no website or location that lists all stolen weapons.

Is this firearm stolen colt 1851 cap and ball?

You will have to contact the police to see if it has been reported stolen.

Do police look for stolen cars?

Yes. They look for stolen cars so they can find evidence to who stole it!

How can you find out if a pistol you bought is stolen?

check with your local police department or state police. they can check it........

How do i get my property back that was stolen from me?

You have to file a police report. Hopefully the police will be able to return the goods.

Is there a registry for stolen jewelry?

Usually your local police department would have a log for stolen jewelry. If you have recently been burglarized, contact your local police station and report it asap.

Where do you enter the serial number on this pistol to see if it is stolen?

It it has been reported stolen, ask your local police to run it.

How do you find out if a bike you bought is a stolen bike?

I you consult that bike to the nearest police station and you will find out that your bike is stolen or not.

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