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When you start dating make sure that you have made it clear of what you are looking for and what you think is sexy. Also maybe you should consider finding a different group of girls to hang with. Just alittle more info, some girls only come off that way because they are insecure about themselves.


Other people's assumptions that you are a player does not mean anything about what you choose in your life. As I told my kids: those other people don't live your life--you do! Ask out girls who have the personal qualities you like and ignore the rest. Ask the girl to go Bowling, to the movies or some other activity that does not seem likely to be conducive to sexual activity.

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How did the cheeky girls get famous?

being promiscuous and good looking

How do you act innocent?

u act innocent by looking upset or shy

I'm looking for a hip hop song that exaggerates the word girrrlll?

Promiscuous Girl!!!!!!

What do female animals do to attract mates?

I think the answer is nothing. Because the males do something to attract a mate when they see a female but the females just walk around looking for a mate as far as i know :]

If you are not good looking how should you look to attract a girl?

Just be yourself. If she would even like you it shouldn't be because of your looks.

How can you attract a girl by looking?

no dat be a turnoff dumdum

How do coyotes attract a mate?

Coyotes howl to attract a mate. Howling occurs in January and February when they are looking for mates. They also use scent to attract their mate.

How do you attract bugs?

One way to attract bugs is to pile up logs and they attract bugs that rot them down. I am looking for other ways to attract bugs naturally to ensure my chickens get enough protein.

Do two magnet positive sides attract each other?

no because that's just like can u see with your eyes looking at one another.

Why does Best Buy treat innocent shoppers like shoplifting suspects?

Because sadly, today alot of innocent-looking people ARE shoplifter, and they just cant be sure. Best Buy specializes in electronics and VERY expensive things, so they cant risk it.

What are fireflies looking for when they flash their lighted abdomens at nigth?

They do it to attract a mate.

What attract a girl if you are a girl?

First make sure that she is also looking to attract a girl and if she is and knows u ate looking fir a girl too then start by talking with her and get to know her then make UR move

What crowd do candle parties normally attract?

Normally,it tends to attract cults or gangs; you rarely get normal people looking for candles mummy.

Which charges attract and repel?

Opposite charges attract. While like charges repel.Is that what you were looking for? Or are you asking for some "kind" of "charges" that both attract and repel? Each other? Or something else?

What activities attract girls?

it can depend what sort of girl your looking for, and what your hobbies/activites are.

You are Taurus boy how do you attract Virgo girl?

stop looking at your star signs.

How do you write a sentence with the word attractive in it?

children are always attract to looking the choklet.

Why in Harry Potter 3 did Arthur Weasley tell Harry not to go looking for Sirius because he is dangerous when Arthur is friends with Sirius?

Arthur isn't friends with sirius at the time because he does not yet know that Sirius is innocent.

Simile sentence with the word innocent?

She's as innocent as a newborn baby and I am absolutely sure she did not steal the money. He's been abusing her for years yet he comes off looking as innocent as a rose. She served time for drug trafficing years ago, but now she's as innocent as any nun in a convent.

Do snapdragons attract bees?

Snapdragons are great if you are looking to attract bees. Snapdragons in shades of purple, blue or yellow are especially attractive to long tongued bumblebees.

How do I attract girls when I'm not that good looking?

Try not to act too weird and be yourself

What if someone looks at you with big eyes?

* The understanding is that the person is purposely looking at you with 'wide eyes' making their eyes look bigger. This means they are trying to attract your attention and could be called a form of flirting. Some people use this method to hopefully strike the idea that one is innocent, or has hurt feelings.

If thousands of criminals are acquitted no innocent shall be punished.what is the related maxim?

I believe that the phrase/quote you're looking for is: "Better a thousand guilty go free than one innocent be executed."

How does a horse attract his mate?

The female attracts her mate with a smell. She has the smell of estrus when she is looking to mate.

Why do men like girls with nice looking butts?

They attract men and get the girls humped into sex