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One need only to be polite. Frequently all the supervisor needs is to be reminded by a "good morning" that other people matter also. A morning greeting and an evening good bye will remind the supervisor that others are making an effort to get along with him.

2008-03-13 01:23:19
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How I can address the work place bullying.?

Speak to a supervisor - or someone higher in the organisation. Write an anonymous letter if necessary !

How would you describe your current supervisor?

Do not speak negatively about a current supervisor, no matter what your relationship is with him or her. Instead, focus on the positive aspects and strengths of your supervisor.

Who do you complain to about bullying at work by employer?

For an employer, speak to someone at the citizens advise bureau, see what channels you have to go through to get the correct legal help. If it was an employee, you would first speak to a supervisor, tell them you need to speak to the personnel officer, you don't have to tell them why, just answer it's private.

How do you complaint about a social worker?

Call (or write) their office and ask to speak to a supervisor.

What do you do when you talk with a postal supervisor and they are rude?

You just to him "I beg your pardon, you are not to speak like that to me!"

Can you speak to someone?

depending on who the person is? yes i can speak to someone

Can your supervisor tell you can not speak your native language at work?

Yes, they can tell you not to speak it while working, but they have no right to tell you what you can speak on your unpaid breaks or personal time.

Why does a production supervisor need Spanish?

Porque necesita espanol un superintendente de la produccion = why does a production supervisor need Spanish A production supervisor may need to be able to speak Spanish is much of the production is being done by immigrants who come primarily from Latin America and speak little English.

What are common phrases using the word speak?

Some common phrases using the word speak are: on (or not on) speaking terms with someone; speak English, speak ill of someone; speak ill of the dead; speak in rhymes; speak no good of someone; speak of the dead; speak no evil; speak out; speak softly and carry a big stick; speak the truth; speak truth to power; speak to me; speak up; think before you speak

How do you choose a thesis in statistics?

Speak to your supervisor about an area that you are interested in and see if (s)he can suggest topics.

I start working for Pizza Hut the July 27 2015 when will i get my first pay check?

Speak to your supervisor.

Why do people from Monaco speak french?

They speak French because they deal with French people daily.

What is the verb of speech?

The verb of speech is speak. As in "to speak to someone".

Can someone be a narcissist in training so to speak where they definitely have narcissistic traits but not full-blown narcissism and if so can they change?

They can be a developing narcissist. NO. they can NOT change. Sorry. Run while you can!

Can you fly if you have your upper lip pierced the day before i fly?

Yes there should be no reason for you not to fly, it's obvious that you have a facial piercing so it shouldn't be an issue. If anyone does make and issue out of it ask to speak to the floor supervisor, remember everyone has a supervisor. Just keep on it till you reach someone who can think for themselves. I really don't see it being a problem.

What is the verb for the word speech?

The verb for speech is speak. As in "to speak to someone".

How do you speak to someone you hate?

You speak to someone you hate by being respectful and pretending or being happy, as if you have no problem with that person(s).

Where to complan about a Police officer hitting you?

At your local police station or police headquarters. Ask to speak to a supervisor, or the shift commander.

How do you deescalate when a customer asks to speak to a supervisor?

Start doing the MIchael Jackson Thriller dance and hope they go away.

What do you do if people call you retarded?

Ignore it, if possible. Walk away. People that bully other people don't deserve even the time of day, so to speak. If it persists, tell a supervisor, teacher, adult, someone, but try not to engage the bully directly.

What's the medical reference to someone who cannot hear or speak?

The medical reference for someone who cannot hear or speak is \"deaf-mute\".

How do you ask to speak with someone in Italian?

posso parlare con te- can i speak with you

Put you through to someone who can speak Portuguese?

I can speak portuguese, may I help you ?

Can you find someone to make your cat speak English?

No. Cats do not the ability to speak.

What is the verb form of speech?

The verb form of speech is speak. As in "to speak to someone".