What do you do when you are with a man you love but he is married?


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I have no idea why young women get caught up with married men when there are so many single guys out there. I don't know if young women think it's a contest to see who is the better woman, but whatever it is, it sucks! Just think of this ... how would you like to be his wife? Would you like to have your husband cheating on you? In all the years I dated I never dated my girlfriends ex's and I never dated a married man. It's not smart, and the stats are low that he will ever marry you. He's having the icing on the cake (you) and one day he'll take a walk and won't come back. Get away from this guy and start dating single guys. If you don't you're going to waste a large part of your life and you won't be the winner when it all ends. Marcy


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The issue is not being in love with a married man, we all have fantasies and desires. The issue is ACTING or your thoughts and your love for the married Man. Even if his wife was not disabled it is still wrong to have relations with a committed man.

Yes, some women can fall in love with a married man, but once there was a code among women that if a man was married it was 'hands off!' A mistress does not fair well if she decides to have an affair with a married man and the wife generally wins out.

Sometimes you just cant help who you fall in love with the heart wants iam in love with a married man for 22 years now.

Well just dont friet about it you will find a man of your own that you will get married to and you can get love sick over him

Yes, particularly if they are married to each other.

yes if she is not sexually satisfied by her husband ANSWER: Yes you can if you are seeing this married man, but I can't call it innocently or accidentally. I never seen or knew someone that fell in love with someone without contact, nor going out on a date. Married man can also fall in love, easily to the other woman ( married or single) the man I married is one of them that fell in love with this married woman who he met on line dating. So when it comes to falling in love, it is real but not innocently.

You already know that married men are off limits even if the man pursues you. There is seldom a future with a married man. The best way to resist your feelings of love for this married man is to break it off with him and keep away from him. Eventually, you will meet someone else you will fall in love with.

he honestly cant love you he might feel love for you but he cant be in love with you

The man t she had married

Go kill yourself. You don't love your husband because if you love him you wouldn't fell in love with another man.

AnswerBecause she's uglyAnswerBecause he loves himself more.AnswerA married man who does not love his wife would not deserve her either!He might have an affair. But a married man not loving his wife, is not worth having a wife.

He loved the child even before he was born.

Each person is different, it depends on the man.

Forget it, he is a married man. Let your feelings for him go. If you care about him you would let him go. Forget it, he is a married man. Let your feelings for him go. If you care about him you would let him go. Forget it, he is a married man. Let your feelings for him go. If you care about him you would let him go.

Trying to forget someone you have loved is one thing, let alone fallling in love with a married man. You must decide for yourself, what is good for you.

To avoid the pain and financial loss of a divorce. ANSWER: I agree with you, if this married man fell in love with his mistress, it's time for him to change his status. If his mistress is not doing things right or even please him, do you think the married man will fall in love with her? Maybe the sex is good and better than home but the mistress will have most of the quality that the married man dream off. Don't you think if the married man love his wife will he even think of betraying her? Just imagine the stuff wife do for him, but will that be important to him. I believe when a married man fell in love with his woman, it's time to go so that way the wife will not think of the pain she got from him. Love is love and no one can really tell when its going to hit us. My experience? the man that I married did fell in love with his mistress. I rather keep the quality and what he saw on her off this page but one of them is about religion and faith. But at least now I know the type of woman that this man that I married desires...

She married with a man called George Putnam

They get married and have 10 kids.the end

Whether the woman is an illegal alien or not, the man is married. You should back off and break off the relationship with him.

it can be possible ANSWER: For some yes they do but not the way he use to love her. If this married man really love his wife, and I mean truly love his wife, do you think he will think of hurting her even betrayed her? I think not. For some married man who do cheat, their love for their wife is not the same anymore. For some married woman who ends up cheating, they also still love their husband but it was the husband who push the wife to go to another man.

A married person can love another woman or man. Marriage and love are not mutually exclusive. Answer 2: it all depends on whether that love is a friendship or romantic love we are talking about. Do you know the difference? . Do you have the same love for the person as your husband? Friends will respect friendship boundaries. If a married man becomes too familiar, flirty and sexually suggestive with this other woman then you have adultery in the making. Be careful, its been known to happen.

He leaves his wife for you. Otherwise it's not real love and worth nothing.

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