What do you do when you are with a man you love but he is married?

I have no idea why young women get caught up with married men when there are so many single guys out there. I don't know if young women think it's a contest to see who is the better woman, but whatever it is, it sucks! Just think of this ... how would you like to be his wife? Would you like to have your husband cheating on you? In all the years I dated I never dated my girlfriends ex's and I never dated a married man. It's not smart, and the stats are low that he will ever marry you. He's having the icing on the cake (you) and one day he'll take a walk and won't come back. Get away from this guy and start dating single guys. If you don't you're going to waste a large part of your life and you won't be the winner when it all ends. Marcy