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What do you do when you find oil in the hole that houses your spark plugs and wires in a 92 Saturn SC?


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2011-09-13 10:30:45
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The valve cover is probably leaking and needs replacing.

AnswerIn models 90-95 of an sl2 they have an aluminum valve covers that often leak so what i did was change the valve cover over to the composite plastic of a 96 it stopped right up i got it at a salvage yard for $52 it came with the seals and grommets they fit fine and sealed nicely. AnswerIts a leaking gasket or craked head!! AnswerI have a 1992 Saturn sc and I just had mine done it is the O rings gasket and it is real cheap. AnswerDo the Valve cover gasket i just had to do mine and it worked (94 sc2) it only takes black silicon whcih is like 3 dollars or you could buy an gasket for 30 dollars but the dealer used the silicon. and you need to replace the plugs and wire when you do it!

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The spark plugs along with the plug wires are hidden very well... The spark plugs are located under the log plastic strip on top of the valve cover.

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Disconnect the battery, remove the spark plugs wires and boots and remove the spark plugs. Put in the spark plugs, replace the spark plug wires and boots, and connect the battery.

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You will see wires right on top of the motor. You can easily follow these wires to the spark plugs.

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On the top/ middle of the engine under the ignition wires. Two ten mm nuts hold the wires on Remove the nuts and pop of the wires....the plugs are in those 4 holes

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I would replace the spark plugs after 50K, the wires and plugs again at 100K.

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