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you tell your boyfriend that you don't feel that you are meant to be together that you feel that you and him will still be friends but that the relationship was not what you wanted.

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Q: What do you do when you have a boyfriend but your best friend tells you he loves u and u love your best friend more do u break up with your boyfriend or just tell your best friend u cant be with them?
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What should you do if your boyfriend tells you he loves you but you don't belief him what to do?

break up

What if a friend tells your boyfriend you want to break up when you don't?

show him u don't and if he truly loves u and cares then he will trust u if he don't he don't desirve u nd as for ur friend they are messed up and they need to be taught a lesson lol but for real do that

When your mom tells you to break up with your boyfriend you really like what should you do?

I think I will talk to her about it! And if your mom really loves you she will be happy of what you are now!

How can you tell if your boyfriend likes or loves you?

If he tells you he loves you or by the way he acts

When a guy you break up with asks to be good friends but tells your friend he loves you what does he mean?

I'm guessing he wants you back.

If your boyfriend tells you he cheated and love both of you what should you do?

break up with him girl answer ask him "Do you love me enough to break up with her?" if he says have to break up with him. its not fair for you to love him while he loves another.

What to do when your boyfriend tells you he loves you?

Say "i love you too"

What if you and your boyfriend have been together for a year and 3 months and he tells you he loves you but is not in love with you yet what does it mean?

It means he cares for you and loves you as you love a friend. He may also have romantic feelings for you but they must not be that strong or else hed say he loves you

How you can be sure that your boyfriend loves you?

If your boyfriend is loyal; is proud to have you meet his friend; is kind to you; honest and tells you he loves you; spends a fair amount of time with you then he does. If your boyfriend spends more time away from you then it's time to sit down and communicate and calmly discuss the fact you don't feel he loves you and that either you both work on improving your relationship or you will end it.

Would you believe if a white boyfriend tells you that his friend loves you the black girl?

Well I don't know what to tell you there... Maybe his friend likes you but is to shy to admit it..... Or they are just playing some practical joke...

What do you do when your ex tells you he loves you but you have a boyfriend?

Tell him to move on because you already have.

What does it mean when your boyfriend tells you he loves you and you get upset?

it means he came and you didnt.

What does it mean when a boy tells you to break up with your boyfriend?

It means he likes you, or, if he is a REALLY good friend that youre sure doesn't like you, maybe your boyfriend is cheating on you? Most likely the first one tho

Why doesnt my boyfriend tell me he loves me but tells my best friend he loves me?

He doesn't tell you he loves you because: a.) He is actually a non verbal person and prefers to show it through gestures... b.) He likes your best friend and is trying to make the said person jealous. But I like "a" better. :)

What if you boyfriend tells his friend thet we had it does he love?

no. your just a little notch on his headboard. hes a fat stupid playa and liarrr! BREAK UP WITH HIM! >:D

What does it mean if he tells you he loves you but his friend tells you he doesn't like you?

They cannot BOTH be telling the truth.

What do you do if your boyfriend breaks up with you after he tells you he loves you?

Your boyfriend owes you an explanation as to why he told you he loved you and then broke up the relationship. Try being alone with him and ask why he feels you should break up. There can be many reasons for a break up other than another girl being involved.

Should you tell him that your boyfriend that you love him?

if he tells you he loves you & if you really mean it .

What do you say when your boyfriend tells you he loves you a lot?

If you do love him say I love you too

Does your boyfriend love you if he tells you he loves you and then he tells you that he has a girlfriend and you are a friend and you think he does not love you but his expression says he loves you?

Men have other friends that are girls all the time, it doesn't mean hes sleeping with them. Go with your instinct. If he says your his girlfriend then you have to ak yourself if you trust him. If you don't trust the man your with then its doomed to fail anyway.

What do you do when your boyfriend tells you it seems like were just friends?

Treat him more like a boyfriend then a friend.

What do you tell your boyfriend if his friend catches you cheating and tells your boyfriend?

You tell the truth and accept the consequences.

What does it mean if one minute your boyfriend tells yu he loves you then asks for a break and all of a sudden isn't in love with you anymore?

It's called Jerk-ology. In other words, he's a jerk.

What if your boyfriend tells you he loves you and expects you to feel the same but your not sure it you love him or not?

tell him what you feel!

What do i say if my boyfriend tells me he doesnt know why he loves me?

ask him to list reasons why he is with you and cares for you