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There is usually only one thing that will get some woman turning into a wild grizzly or throw her into a silent mode and that's her mate cheating on her. If this is the case then you've broken the one vow of honesty and that mistake can take months or possibly even a few years to resolve. Once someone has cheated on you or broken an important promise of some sort then you have broken the trust between you and her and it's tough to ever trust someone such as yourself 100%. Yes, she has a hard time forgiving you and I hope you start growing up and realize just how lucky you are to have her still there. All of us make mistakes and should learn from those mistakes the first time around and not repeatedly make them. Do you honestly believe you can act the way you have been and just because you say you're sorry she is going to break into smiles and take you back? You're going to have to work your butt off on this one! Sit down with her and tell her your feelings from your heart and if I were you, tell her the idiot that you have been! If she still wants to see you, I suggest you stick to her like glue on the weekend (not literally.) Take her out for a dinner and a movie, go for walks together, and COMMUNICATE your feelings with her. SHARE PART OF YOUR LIFE! Men are not the type to really express what is inside of them at times, but, that's no excuse because ANY man can learn how to do this with the help of their mate. I have been married for many years and I have worked hard to get to the point where my husband and I communicate well. If he has a problem then we sit down and talk it out and deal with it the best we can and vice-versa. He will do things for me when I know he really doesn't want too, and I do the same for him. Communication makes a relationship survivable and whether you are going together, engaged or married (even living together) communication is everything (even tops sex) or you have nothing! Good luck Marcy

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Q: What do you do when you hurt the one you loved she still loves you but will not forgive you?
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Will a man forgive you for falling pregnant with someone elses kid if they loved you?

Highly unlikely. If he truly loves you, he wouldn't forgive you but he would stay by your side. I disagree. I don't think he'd forgive you right away (he'll probably be very hurt, I assume) but I think eventually he'd forgive you. Especially if it was just a drunken one night stand or something similar.

What hurt Jesus the most?

When you turn from his teachings and reject him (but he will still forgive you if you ask him to).

If he still loves you can you get him to forgive you and come back?

It's up to you if u want to forgive him or not. i think its a good idea if you still love him. Take it from me.. i broke up with my boyfriend 3 times and he's asked me out again last week.i made him say sorry. i always forgive him, i still love him. but its all up to you. all my friends are telling me to brake up with him because of the way he acted before. Do what you feel is right.-dani- Yes, if he loves you enough and is willing to work it out. Even if he does come back, there will be trust issues for whatever you did to hurt him. That will take time to heal.

Why wont your ex go back out with you if he still likes you?

I think its because he's still hurt and that he still loves u

Why are you still so hurt by someone who treated you like crap?

Aslong as you loved the person it will always hurt. Even if they did treat you bad.

How can you forgive those who hurt us?

That depends on the way you got hurt.

Why do you love him even though he has hurt you?

you loved him before and he loved you back, right? well down the road he might have lost interest in you and moved on, then you acted like you moved on so it didn't seem like you were bothering him. but inside, you still loved him so much. even thought he has hurt you, you still care for and cherish him inside.

Your ex girlfriend is dating someone new but tells you it isn't better than us and that she still loves you?

Tell her that if she trully did love you, no matter what she wouldn't hurt you and date someone else. If she trully loved you she wouldn't vast for another.

How can you get back at a person who has hurt your feelings?

Forgive them.

Is it desperate to call your fiance after he decide for break when you provoked him and is it ok to get back together with him when he says he loves you still after you apologised to him and reconcil?

Your relationship will probably have a lot of these ups and downs. The point is, do you forgive each other and go on or let it hurt you for the rest of your life. No, it is not desperate to call him. Otherwise there would be a breach in your relationship. Build on that forgiveness that he gave you and do the same for him when he makes a mistake. Life is too short not to forgive, otherwise you have all this hurt in your heart that is never resolved.

How would you feel after someone hurt you?

aware and i would watch my back sure they can still be my friend forgive but dont forget three strikes and your out

Is it possible to have forgiven your narcissistic ex-husband and yet still feel hurt?

Yes. If you forgive someone you don't wish them any harm but the hurt feelings can stay with you for a long time.

Can i forgive him for hurting me?

It depends how bad he hurt you and in which way. It also depends on whether he hurt you physically or mentally. I guess that he hurt you mentally, however if he did hurt you physically then NO WAY can you forgive him. Really its up to you, does this guy deserve a 2nd chance??? Its up to you to decide.

Why did he not tell his wife he did it with his acting partner?

Well maybe because he still felt something for hes wife and still loved her so he did not want to hurt her.

Will your girlfriend take you back after you cheated?

This depends if she still loves you. And if you really hurt her, she will have a problem trusting you for a long time.

Why does god allow people to get hurt?

God allows people to get hurt because he loves them. it sounds pretty wierd, but you can grow closer to God when you grow through hard times. remember that he is always with you, and will always love you, take care of you, provide for you, forgive you,etc.

What if your husband and you are still married and while you were away he asked another woman out to fill your spot at a dinner function you said you did not want him to and he still did?

He disregarded and disrespected your wishes. Normally, that would be a hurtful thing. If you feel hurt, you have the option to forgive him, or the option to not forgive him. If you don't forgive him, the emotional stress will start to wear on you, and stress your relationship even more. It won't get any better. If you forgive him, you'll get out from under the emotional stress and will have created an atmosphere of hope and reconciliation for the future. You will also have opened yourself up to being hurt again. They are not easy choices.

Is there a chance a woman will forgive you if you said very hurtful things to her?

Yes if you buy her something and tell her that you love her and tell her that you are sorry... but only a chance. It depends on what you said, how hurt she is, and whether she loves you or trusts you at all.

In spiritual works of mercy how to forgive all injuries?

It means forgive your injuries if you hurt yourself because it was only an accident.

Is hatsuharu gay?

No, he was going out with Rin Sohma, who is only shown in the manga, and they slept together for a long time! And she's like 19, she was older than him! And Rin loved him so much, that she broke up with him, because Akito would hurt him otherwise (Akito doesn't like the members of the zodiac in relationships) and she did it to protect him, and Hatsuharu still loved Rin too. In the end, they finally get back together. No he is not gay, he loves Rin and she loves him too.

Why does he still want to be friends when he broke up with you?

Either he still loves you yet has a strange way of expressing it. Or he still loves you yet needs some space. Or he didn't want to hurt your feelings. Or he genuinely does want to be friends because he can't stand being apart from you.

Why do people say im sorry i love you?

my translation from saying it before is that " ok, i am sorry i messed up. i don't want to hurt you and i still love you, can you forgive me?"

Would you be immortal if you and your loved ones could stay at whatever age you wanted and not get hurt and could still conceive children?


What did Jesus ask his heavenly father to do to the people who hurt him?

Jesus Said to forgive them. Luke 23:24 Father,Forgive them for they do not know what they do.

How did Jesus show us to forgive?

He forgave everyone who hurt him on the cross. :)