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If she's taller than you, she's probably taller than other boys too. She's probably accustomed to being taller, so don't worry about it. If you're still growing, you might just catch up with her anyway. It's an ego issue anyway, so if you like her, see where it goes.

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Q: What do you do when you like a girl that flirts with you but is taller than you but you are in the same grade?
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Im a 7th grade boy and i like this 8th grade girl who is taller than me would it be weird if we date?

No, it would not be weird to date a girl who is a little older and taller than you. Don't worry about what other people think. Enjoy being yourself.

What does it mean when a boy flirts with you and your a girl?

it basically means that they like you...

How do you know if a girl flirts with you in the 5th grade?

Well I am a girl so I would say if she acts odd only around you, and if she stumbles on her words around you, maybe if she laughs at you when your joking around. Stuff like that,

What if you like a girl that likes another guy but always flirts with you?

nothing. chances are, she flirts with alot of other boys too

How to tell if a girl likes me?

Usually if a girl flirts with you and wants to spend a lot of time with you, then she may like you.

What if a girl you like has a boyfriend but she always flirts with you?

Ask her why she does and then if she says she likes you ask her out.

How do you know a girl like you if she flirts a lot with other people?

Simple, ask her.

What do you do when you like a guy you thinks likes you but you were told he flirts with another girl that also likes him?

I guess that you could fight for him or show him that you like him more than the other girl does. Get to him before the other girl gets to him. But if he flirts WAY to often, get over it..... he may be Desperate.

What if you like him and he flirts with you but he has a girlfriend?

Let's say he does like you and he ends up leaving the girl for you. Would you really want someone who flirts with other people when he's already with someone? Be careful of this guy, because if he did this to one girl, he could do it to you.

What to do if a girl flirts with every guy?

When a girl flirts with every guy she just probably wants someone to like her. If she is popular it is probably because she is a hoe! If u like a guy and she is flirting with him you better act fast. That's only if she is popular!

Is it normal to get jealous when a guy flirts with the girl you like?

yes because you love the girl or guy whatever so its normal.

What do you do if you like this boy in middle school and he flirts with you but has a girlfriend?

If you like him and the girl friend is not one of your friends, flirt back.

How do you get a taller girl to like you?

you just need to be yourself.Be nice.

Do womens like man who are taller then her?

it all depends on the girl. to me taller guys is a major turn on. but everyones different.

Will a 5th grade boy like a 6th grade girl that like 1 foot taller then him?

I think it's possible :) Im in 8th grade and i have had a boyfriend who was 10 inches shorter than me...but older which is worse I suppose but if the guy is too shallow to move on then girl we've all been there done I'm sure ur gonna do just fine :) thanx girl ill keep that in mind :)

Will a guy start to like a girl just because she stares at him first?

Not necessarily, but if a girl flirts with certain looks he will probably get interested.

Can sixth grade boys date ninth grade girls?

To me it really doesn't matter if that girl like you and you like her then go for it but it unusual for a 6th grade boy go for a 9th grade girl but like i said go for it

What is the average height for a seventh grade girl?

I am in 7th grade and I am 5'6 that is totally normally there are people taller then me and shorter then me! I think 4'8 - 5'8 is about average but if you don't fit in those measures then think of your self as a special person!

How do you become friends like friends not girl friends with a grade seven girl when you are grade seven boy and she dose not like you?


What do you do when a girl flirts with you then theys they dont like you?

They flirt with you because they probably like you but don't want to embarass themselves and admit it.

What does that mean when a girl flirts with you?

sometimes a girl flirts with you without even realizing it. If it seems to be on purpose, she most likely "likes" you. If you like her back, flirt with her. Make sure it is real flirting though, because it might just be in your head

What to do when you like a girl that flirts a lot?

If a girl flirts a lot chances are she will not be committed or tied down and date one person - she will want to bop around. Its best to move on. just get over her. because chances are you will be more hurt if you stay.

What do you do when you like a girl and a girl likes you in fourth grade?

ask her out

How tall are fifth grade girls?

I'm in the fifth grade and I'm a girl. Well, my height is like 5'2 or 5'3. And I'm the tallest girl in class and the whole of 5th grade girls. I am naturally tall and I play basketball. I'm even tall before I play basketball. And 5th grade girls would usually be around 4'12-5'1 and maybe slightly taller. My opinion.

How a girl can look like a taller guy?

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