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Don't blame the girl, it's the friend. Usually when a friend meets someone they really care about and starts dating that's all that friend will do ... hang around with the girl (in this case.) They are inseparable! Be patient! The novelty will wear off and your friend will start seeing more of you. Let me guess: Makes plans with you and doesn't turn up or let you know that he's not coming. Seldom hangs around with you. You feel like their is a big void in your life. Right now you don't like girls much because they are in the way and you're thinking what a beautiful friendship this girl has ruined between you and your friend. All the above acts and feelings are normal. While you're waiting why don't you start going out with other friends and perhaps you'll meet someone special too. Some people come into our lives briefly, others come and stay awhile, and a few will be our friends forever. No matter what the length of time a person is in our lives they leave an imprint on us (good/bad) and we learn from both. Your friend hasn't really given up on you, but let's just say, he can't see you for all the fireworks going off in his head over this girl. It won't last forever. Good luck Marcy

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Q: What do you do when your best friend starts hanging out with this other girl and becomes a different person and starts screwing you over for her?
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Hanging out and flirting are different, but there is a very fine line between the two. When your friend is in a relationship, you need to respect that.

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if it's your bf dump him if it's your friend punch him.(different person) maybe, to what that person said, unless their just screwing around with you jokingly.....otherwise go ahead and deck him

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Sending your friend an email with a link to a new music clip

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