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You are probably talking about just under the bottom part of the mouth. There are many cats (usually black cats) that can have sparse hair that makes them look bald in that area and this usually can be in front of the ears by the head as well. Eating grass doesn't usually make a cats so-called lips bald. If in doubt always see your vet to be sure your cat is healthy. Marcy

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โˆ™ 2006-04-18 19:09:03
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Q: What do you do when your cat used to eat grass and wore down her lip?
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Where can you buy cat grass?

You can purchase cat grass at Petco. :o)

Is cat grass okay for cats to eat?

Yes. it is called cat grass for that very reason. it helps them digest foods easier and if they vomit don't worry, that's good for the cat. cat grass helps their stomach. Cat grass is good for cats.

Is cat grass safe for dogs?

Cat grass isn't poisonous but it will induce vomiting as will any kind of grass.

How does cat grass help cats?

Cat grass is ingested when the cat has a upset stomach, or otherwise feels it needs to cleanse the stomach. Cats will eat grass to help them vomit up anything that is in their stomach and causing them discomfort. Cat grass does not offer any nutrition to a cat.

Does cat feces and urine kill your grass?

Yes, the acid from the cat urine will kill grass.

Do florist sell cat grass in a pot?

florist donot sell cat grass in a pot.

Is cat grass just normal grass?


What age should a kitten start eating cat grass?

A kitten can have cat grass at any time; it is perfectly safe for all ages of cat and kitten. There is no set age a kitten should have cat grass, however.

How to get your cat to ingest the cat grass?

If you really want your cat to eat it then wrap the grass in something it likes to eat. Cheese usually works.

Where do you get cat grass?

Cats don't necessarily need special cat grass; cats like the grass that grows in your front yard just as much.

What plants are safe for a cat to eat?

Cat mint and grass.

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Does cat grass help clean cats' teeth?

Yes, cat grass does help to clean your cats teeth.

Does a cat eat grass?

Yes, they do.

Why is your cat eating grass?

cats eat grass when they dont feel well so they are able to throw up. This does not hurt a cat

Why would a cat eat dirt?

I've never seen a cat eat dirt but it might have been eating grass. Cats eat grass when they feel ill and it helps them be sick. Keep an eye on your cat after it has eaten grass.

Can you eat cat grass?

Sure, it is a rye grass. If you eat bread you have eaten it.

Can guinea pigs eat cat grass?

yes, guinea pigs can eat cat grass. But don't feed them to much or they could get sick.

How much cat grass do you give your cat?

However much it wants. Cats rarely overeat on grass, and will just nibble at it when they feel the need.

What is the lifespan of cat grass?

15 years

How do you get love grass out of cat fur?

You pull it out

Can human eat cat grass?


How tall can cat grass grow?

It can grow to be up to six or eight inches, but is usually mown down to about one inch by the cats eating it.

Can dog eat cat grass to?

Only if cow can eat horse grass as well.

Why does your cat bring dead grass home?

You cat must have been playing with it outside and brought it in . Maybe he/she likes to make a mess with DEAD grass .