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Men really don't always understand women, and women don't always understand men. It's a fact and has always been that way. Some men really try to understand their mates feelings, but since we each think so differently it's difficult at times. One minutes women are all lovey-dovey, then they are like the wicked witch from the North. Women are more readily able to talk to a trusted friend or family member, but some men appear to be more guarded and often have a hard time expressing themselves. It doesn't mean they don't love you. When it comes down to the crunch a good man is always there doing the best he can even if it's not quite the way you would handle it. There was a post on here that expressed in his post that women sometimes didn't know what they wanted and I believe he was correct in that statement. Your mate may be egotistical or not respect women for reasons of his own and it's up to you to sit down and hear his side. LISTEN WITHOUT INTERRUPTION! Often women will take it personally and butt in when the man is trying his best to explain how he feels. If you are lucky enough to find out why he acts the way he does, express your feelings and then work with him on it. I have known my husband for 38 years and been married to him for 34 of those years. Even now I wonder where his mind is with things in our lives, but I've learned instead of getting mad we sit down and talk and he tells me his side and I tell him mine. We really try hard to work with each other and respect each other. The more we do this the more I realize men really don't think like women and vice-versa, but, we can meet halfway. If your mate is just not willing to try or is egotistical and really doesn't like women then you need to sit, talk and decide if you want to remain with this man. There are some men (also some women) that just don't respect their mates. This is usually a signal to move on! Good luck Marcy

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Q: What do you do when your man will not grow up and because of it he refuses to understand women which leads him to be insensitive?
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