What do you do when your old friend has stopped talking to you in the past year and you feel the reason is because you never told your other friends you were girlfriends?

  • Talk to her. Maybe ask someone else to talk to her.
  • Good friendships are almost as important as a good marriage and it takes work. You have to communicate and be aware of each other's feelings. Either she didn't mention you to her other friends or you didn't mention she was your friend to your other friends. Doesn't matter, but point being, you don't kick an old friend off like an old shoe to impress other friends. If you are good friends you make time for that friend and if they don't happen to fit into a particular group you are hanging out with then you make sure you spend quality time at least once to twice a week for that friend. Don't ever desert a good friend! If you come through to the end of your life and can count five good friends on one hand you should feel extremely grateful. Good friends are hard to find and other friends that come in and out of your life are only acquaintenances. A good friendship is like a beautiful rose that starts out as a bud, blossoms if nurtured properly and then dies. Same goes for good friendships. Give your friend a phone call and go out for lunch and if she refuses then it's simply time to move on. We all make mistakes and are meant to hopefully learn from those mistakes so each of you should cut the other some slack.