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What do you have to remove to replace the heater core on a 1984 Lincoln Town Car?


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2011-09-13 10:39:17
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on my 1985 Lincoln town car i had to remove the dash and get back to the firewall and remove a panel on the firewall to get to it. good luck it is a pain.


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how do u re-place a heater core for a 1984 Lincoln town car

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The heater core on a 1984 Cutlass Supreme is located under the blower motor on the passenger side of the car, under the hood. First you need to remove the blower, and the hoses connecting the heater core. Replace the core, re-attach the hoses, and put the blower motor back on.

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You have to take out the whole heater and air condiasioning system out and replace the new heater core in. When you replace the heater core, you firset have to put the air condiasoning system in then the heating system/ heater core. When you take the old systems out, you first have to take out the A.C then the heater.

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Look up under the passenger's side dash close to the kick panel, and you will see a heater case. there on the front is a removable cover, held on with several 7mm screws. Remove that cover, disconnect the heater hoses under the hood, and replace the core. Reassembly is in reverse order of removal.

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in order to do that you have to remove the dash & all the lines going to the core i have a 90 model i just had some1 else do it cause its a ruff job!!!!

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