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You've got to either say I love you or sorry I don't love you.

Really it depends on who the woman is, is it a friend, stranger, classmate or someone who admirers you? How do you feel about her?


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That he loves her very much. He means what he says.

ask her. if she says 'yes', that means she does and if she says 'no', then you're just a self-obsessed idiot who thinks every woman likes you!

that she loves you and hopes you feel the same

it means that she really loves you

if a guy say he loves u and them he dont talks to u he is not the one for u

If he says "I love you" first before you say it to him it simply means the same exact thing as if you were to say it means that he really does truly love you and wants you to know that.If a man is able to say it before a woman it shows true love because usually its the woman who says it first and the man says "I love you to" which he may of said it to make you feel happy that he loves you but in reality he doesnt love you and said it with out meaning it or hasn't fell in love with you yet. So if he tells you first, be happy because that means he truly loves you.

What I would do is say, "I love you too.." and then kiss him.

When a man says he wants a woman to have his kids, this can either be a romantic gesture by a loving man in a relationship with the woman he loves or a somewhat tasteless pick up line. If a woman isn't sure which, chances are, it is the second option.

When someone says a man is sweet on a woman it means he is very attractive to her and possibly even loves her.

she wants to be your friend, and that's it. nothing else.

When someone says he loves you and they mean it, it is proper to say "I love you too back" and you should mean it too. Love is give and take.

that he is lying to her because she probably loves him and he feels obligated to say he loves her

If you believe your boyfriend loves you with all of his heart and he has been good towards you then say what is in your heart.

He's saying that he cares for you a lot, but for one reason and/or another, you're just not a woman he can be with.

if you feel the same way about him then say i love you back.

I think it means he really, really loves her a lot.

His boyfriend says that he is actually a man, but is the woman in the relationship.....and loves being dominated!

Before you jump to conclusions ask who this other woman is.

It would never say she HAS to love her husband. You know sometimes they just don't fit together so they break up.

a man says: ani koreh a woman says: ani koret

"Obrigado", if you are a man. "Obrigada", if you are a woman. She says: "Obrigada." He says: "Obrigado."

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