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When the light comes on, your car has stored a trouble code. I would have the codes extracted(PEP BOYS/AUTO ZONE) to determine the problem.Sometimes it can be minor, but there can be 30+ different codes.

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Q: What do you look for when the check engine light comes on your 2000 Honda Accord?
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When check engine 1999 Honda accord comes on does gas mileage decrease?

That depends on what the failure is. It could.

What is the reason for engine light to come on 1992 Honda Accord?

The Check Engine Light comes on when the ECU detects a problem with the emissions system.

Why does my check engine light comes on and off on 1991 Honda Accord?

You check engine light is signaling to you that there is something wrong with you car. You should have your car looked at by a professional.

How do you find check engine codes on a 99 Honda accord?

If the check engine light comes on in a car, it is important to find out why. There is a scanner that can be bought that will tell the person what is wrong, or they can take their car to an auto shop.

You got a 1996 Honda Accord ex and my check engine light is on the code obd p0740 comes up what is does that mean?

You need a new trany

Check Engine light come on and after some time going off itself on your Honda accord V6 ex coupe?

If it does not come back on then forget it. If it comes back on and stays on have it looked at by a professional.

When should you change timing belt in Honda Accord 1987?

The cam belt must be replace on the 1987 Honda Accord every 60,000 miles or 10 years whichever comes first. Warning: This is an interference engine.

How often should the Honda accord engine oil be changed?

6 months or 3,000 miles. Whichever comes first.

Yellow engine light comes on for my Honda Accord 2002?

I need to know if there is a yellow engine light or red engine light. Could it be timer chain or timer belt?

Does 1997 Honda Accord have an interference engine?

Yes, the 1997 Honda Accord is an interference engine. You MUST change the cam belt every 105,000 miles or 10 years whichever comes first. Also replace the water pump at the same time.

What is the problem if a 95 Honda Accord is constantly shaking and the check engine light comes on?

The problem could be many things. With the check engine light coming on, it could be an internal issue in the engine, or broken engine mounts causing the vibrations. The shaking could also be caused by a separate issue from the engine, including a loose tire, or an out of balance tire, or bad suspension.

Is a 2.0 engine interchangeable with 2.2 engine on a 1991 Honda Accord LX?

Negative. The motor mounts are for a 2.2L engine only, so a K20A will not be a direct drop-in. If you are interested in doing motor swaps on a 1991 Accord, the best choice is an H22A, which comes from a 2000 Honda Prelude Type SH, but rewiring from OBDI to OBDII is a major pain. Check out for information on performance modification for the 4th generation Accords, which are 1990 to 1993.

Your Honda accord 1990 lx engine oils comes up through the engine and it spills over the engine can you tell you whats the problem?

huh? whats up w/ your sohc 2.2

What Honda Civics are EX?

i don't think that there are Honda civic EX on Honda civic GX, but there is a Honda Accord EX maybe that's what you are looking for. you can check some free car classifieds on the internet to know more about the car you are looking for honda civic ex is the one that comes with power windows power locks and sun roof and v-tec engine

Is the 2004 Honda Accord v6 engine a interference engine?

Yes it is. The cam belt must be replaced every 110,000 miles or 10 years whichever comes first.

Reset check engine light 2005 Honda Pilot?

You can reset the check engine light on a 2005 Honda Pilot by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes. If it comes back on, you need to take it to have it checked or reset by a mechanic.

How many miles before replacing timing belt on a 2006 Honda Accord with 65 thousand miles?

The 4 cylinder 2006 Honda Accord has no timing belt and has a chain instead that normally requires no maintanence. However the V6 Honda Accord has a cam belt that must be replaced every 110,000 miles or 10 years whichever comes first. Warning:The V6 Accord is an interfernce engine.

Does a 99 Honda Accord coupe have 5 lug rims?

The 1999 Honda accord comes 4 lug and 4 cylinder or 5 lug and 6 cylinder.

What would cause a 1991 Honda accord to stall at a traffic light The check engine light comes on it stalls you start it again its fine til you stop again?

idle air control valve (iac) could be dirty or clogged.

Your check engine light on your 99 Honda Accord EX keeps coming on The tune up was done and VTec changed but still comes on you are frustrated Please help?

If your unsure of why the check engine light keeps coming on, you should take it to a place like Auto Zone. They can run a test and let you know what's wrong.

What does the warning light to the left of the charging light the check oil is to the right on a 1990 Honda accord this comes on when driving and there is no info on this in the manual.?

did you look in the owner's manual??????????????????

Why does the check engine light stay on after you did B16A swap in a 95 Honda HB Civic?

check the codes and see what comes up, that'd be where i start...

How do you remove a radio from a 2001 Honda Accord?

how do i remove the radio out of my 2001 Honda accord 2.oi v tec to replace with a CD player because it comes up coded

Does Honda Accord come in 4wheel or all wheel drive?

Well, I assume that a Honda accord has 4 wheels so i'd say both. But i think a standard accord in the lower price range comes with front wheel drive.

How many miles will a 2005 Honda accord ex go after the gaslight comes on?

as far as it can...

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