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What do you need to become pregnant?

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A man and a women who are past puberty and not otherwise infertile.

2006-08-16 18:35:38
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Q: What do you need to become pregnant?
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Can a girl become pregnant if a boy kisses her?

You need to have sex to get pregnant.

How old does a rabbit need to be before she can get pregnant?

she can become pregnant at five months i think.

What do you need to achieve in GCSEs to become a Florist?

You need to be pornstar and be a pregnant milf!!

What thickiness of womb need to be to become pregnant?

10 inches in diameter about

How long do you wait to get pregnant after stopping smoking?

You don't need to wait, just aslong as your not still smoking while trying to get pregnant or when you become pregnant.

The dad left you pregnant and alone?

You will need to clarify your question. The pregnant mother may have become so abusive that he had to leave.

Can you become pregnant if you have shingles?

You can become pregnant if you have shingles.

Are there pills to become pregnant?

no, you need sperm to get pregnant. There are, however, hormonal injections you may take (through your doctor) to increase fertility.

What is the chance of pregnancy in case the girl is virgin?

A virgin would need to have sexual intercourse to become pregnant (through natural methods). If she was ovulating, even during first sex, she can become pregnant.

Can virgins become pregnant?

If you are asking if someone who has *never* had sex can become pregnant without having sex, then no. Someone who was and still is a virgin can not be pregnant.If you are asking if someone who *was* a virgin can become pregnant the first time they have sex, then yes. Theoretically a woman can become pregnant the first time she has sex. AnswerAcutally, yes virgins (who have NEVER had sex) can get pregnant. Sperm just needs to get inside the vagina, which can happen without the need of penetration. You can jsut scoop it in, and you could get pregnant. Answer 3: At least one did--Mary.

At what age do you have to be in order to become pregnant?

You can become pregnant as early as your first period.

How do men become pregnant?

It is not possible for a man (human male) to become pregnant.

What time a lady become pregnant?

A woman can become pregnant anytime she has sex.

Can a women still become pregnant even though she is not menstruating?

If she is ovulating, she can become pregnant. But that is the only way. If she is ovulating, she can become pregnant. But that is the only way.

Can girl can get pregnant when both are wearing jeans and they sleep on the bed and did only kiss on her lips?

no, you need sexual contact to become pregnant, yo u cannot get pregnant from kissing someone

Why has the female rabbit become aggressive towards the male now that she might be pregnant?

When a female rabbit is pregnant she should not be with the male at all... they need to be separated.

Does a male have to go through puberty to get his girlfriend pregnant?

Boys must be in Puberty to be able to produce sperm. Girls need sperm to become pregnant.

How many times does a man's sperm need to enter the vagina of a women for her to become pregnant?

A girl/woman can get pregnant the first time she has sex if she is ovulating.

Do it need all the simens to enter to get pregnant?

While it helps to have serveal of the seman to break the egg only one will fertilize it. So no you don't need all of if to become pregnant just one.

How do you become pregnent on Sims 3?

To become pregnant on Sims 3 you need you and your husband on the bed go to the options on your husband and click Try for baby And 1 Day or so Your Female sim is now pregnant

Can a eunuch become pregnant?

A eunuch is a castrated male. Males cannot become pregnant.

When will a girl become pregnant?

Women become pregnant when a sperm fertilizes one of her eggs.

Is it possible for a gini pig to be pregnant even without a partner?

No, this is not possible. The only way one could be pregnant is if it was bred before you got it. They need to breed with the opposite sex to become pregnant.

Do you need to use birth control if your period id irreguerly?

Yes, unless you are trying to become pregnant.

What does dreaming of dead fish mean?

It means that someone you know is either pregnant, about to become pregnant, about to find out they are pregnant, or want to become pregnant. Creepy, right?